Do you work in an office, or a place where you like to have your phone within reach, but cant have the volume up to hear incoming calls or see the screen to check things, well look no further. This is an phone stand that you can make in under a minute, and it only requires a large paperclip and a bulldog clip!

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Step 1: What You Need

There really isn't much to say here really, but here's what you need!
  • A large paperclip
  • A large bulldog clip
That was simple enough, let's move on.

Step 2: Combining

In this step we will attach the paperclip and the bulldog clip together. Follow the pictures and steps. (Eg. Step 1 corresponds to Picture 1)

  1. Attach the paperclip into the bulldog clip like so. (Look at the next picture to see which way around it goes.
  2. Fold the lower bulldog flap behind the paperclip like shown.

Next step, here we come!

Step 3: Bending

Now we will bend the paperclip to form an arm to support the phone. Follow the pictures and steps. (Eg. Step 1 corresponds to Picture 1)

  1. Bend the paper clip like shown in the picture, being careful not to bend the whole thing, so 1 side of the paperclip touches the bottom bulldog clip flap.
  2. A closeup of how the bottom of the paperclip should look. NOTE: You may not be able to tell, but the paperclip is not fully bent, so it is actually pushing on the flap.
Onward and upwards!

Step 4: Finalising

Only 1 VERY simple step here. Follow the pictures and steps. (Eg. Step 1 corresponds to Picture 1)

  1. Finally, fold the other bulldog flap up like so, until it touches the paperclip.

Step 5: Finished!

I hope that, if you made this stand, you enjoy it and it is very useful as a quick and super cheap phone stand.

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<p>Updated my phone stand. It can handle a tablet, a large phone or 2 normal phones BUT now has suspension capabilities and room for the charging cable to stick downwards and multiple pen holders.</p><p>Used mounting brackets and 4 bulldog clips and 2 cage nuts.</p>
<p>Variation inspired by Hiyadudez.</p><p>For big phones, this works much better. Slide 2 small paperclips into the biggest bulldog clip you can get.</p>
Its cooler than cool... its ice collldddddd! <br> <br>Ba dum tss... &gt;_&gt;
*shivers* - You're right! - *Hears ice cracking, starts to run*
Very cool and creative
Thanks :-)
Good job!
Nice and simple! It's great that you're posting stuff again. :-D Also, I never knew what those clips were called until seeing this Ible. :-P
I post something if I make it and feel like it's something that people would want to see. Thanks Shadowy :-)

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