Picture of 1 to 2 Point Convertible Paracord Rifle Sling
14, 21:07.jpg
Single point rifle slings have always been my number one choice of slings for my defensive rifles because they give you the ability to quickly transition to your sidearm, or go hands free for whatever reason. However, there are situations when I like to have the option of a traditional two point sling as well. Most slings on the market only give you a choice between one or the other. There are only a few convertible slings on the market and a QUALITY 1 to 2 point convertible sling will cost you at least $70. This project will cost you no more than $15 depending on where you get your materials and will give you an incredibly durable sling with one and two point capabilities.
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Step 1: What you will need

Mash Hook Adapter or HK Style Adaptor
100 feet of paracord

Step 2: Inner Strand

Picture of Inner Strand
Your body size is going to determine how long your sling ends up being. I would recommend using a single strand of paracord and tying it up in a single point sling configuration and trying it on for size before you start building the sling. Once you measure how long of a sling you'll need, (mine was just under 4 feet) cut a piece of paracord that is twice the length you will need. My piece ended up being about 8 feet, then I melted the two ends of the paracord and fused them together leaving me with a loop about 4 feet in length.
Oh i just read under 48 inches? So is it xomfortable or tight or what? Enough room to wear a jacket
Hi. How many inches is the sling from one end to the other? I have one that is 43 inches and seema to short to make one point sling. Is this around 50"
and videos on weaving the d ring into the sling? I'm a really visual learner lol
rugerp512 (author)  LownIgnitus1 year ago
I show that in step 5 in the second picture. It's very simple, you always make a "S" shape when making a Cobra weave. Just weave that S through the D-ring and tighten like you normally would.