Picture of 1-up and Super Mushroom Ornaments

Power up your Christmas and give your tree Extra Life with these super cute Super Mario ornaments you can make in an afternoon! They're fast and inexpensive, so go ahead and build an entire Mushroom Kingdom!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project, you will need:

  • Two different sizes of styrofoam balls
  • Paint (I used red, green and white, but die-hard fans may opt for the original colors: red with orange spots for Super Mushrooms and orange with green spots for 1ups)
  • Mod podge - this can be found in craft stores, and is used to fill in the pores of the styrofoam to create a smoother painting surface. Alternatively, spackle could be used, and might be quicker in the end.
  • Glue
  • Small gauge wire to make a hook (or pre-formed ornament hook)
  • Wire cutters
  • X-acto (or similar) knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brush and cups for water
crazymama632 years ago
totaly awesome can't wait to make for my 21
and 30 year olds thanks.................party on can't wait till xmas
glassgiant4 years ago
My friend (fuzzwuzzle.com) was inspired by this instructable and made the attached. I love 'em!
July2010-Oct 2010 167.jpgJuly2010-Oct 2010 171.jpgJuly2010-Oct 2010 165.jpgJuly2010-Oct 2010 166.jpgJuly2010-Oct 2010 169.jpg
Boo looks so much less scary when he is an ornament XD
sbarker24 years ago
I am so making these!!! Might do them out of skulpy for durability!!!
ynze4 years ago
up in a tree...
St Jimmy4 years ago
I came across polystyrene balls with smooth outsides, and I thought those would be good so you don't have to do this. Not sure about the permanence of the paint though
First of all - awesome instructable. Made some myself and my friends love them.

With my left over Styrofoam balls and scraps, I expanded on your idea and  made Bob-omb and Boo!

Awesome!! I would love to make both of these as well! you should post an instructable!
scoochmaroo (author)  FencingSmoker5 years ago
skerzzz4 years ago
Most instructables either sound too expensive (which scares me away from them) or too hard (also scares me away). But this one is great! Seems cheap, looks easy enough and most of all fun! Im going to make both of these and give them to my parents for presents. I am hoping to get them to remember their childhood memories again. :D
lieve4 years ago
Really like this!!
Going to make them as well with the kids in the christmas holiday!
Thnx for the great idea!
lottaboxes5 years ago
how did you get the paint so smooth? when i did mine it looked like wood :(
I can't tell you how glad i am that you put this up. I have been trying to figure out something to do for my cousin for DAYS now. He loves Super Mario Brothers. i typed that into the search thing, & up popped your instructable! now i have the PERFECT thing to make him. :) thank you SOOO much! :D
flargus5 years ago
its great! im about to make one, and im gonna put an LED in the middle of the head so it lights up!

If it turns out good, ill put some pics up
jayjayec5 years ago
made them your instrutable is good easy to follow and mine look awsome that i made thx
vref_guy5 years ago
I'm in the process of making one of these and I would suggest to others to go with spackling paste. I'm using a slightly watered down consistency and I'm expecting some smooth results. The Mod Podge did a good job of sealing though and it would make sense as a primer before applying a top coat of colored paint.

Just my $0.02 though.
omninate5 years ago
Great instructable! It inspired me to make a set using a wooden ball and a dowel - Link to my instructable.
crispyjones5 years ago
Just made some with my Daughter.  She found a product called "smoothfoam" at Michael's.   They are styrofoam balls but, like the name says, they are smooth, so no mod podge needed.  I cut a 2.5" ball for the cap and a 2" ball for the body, and sharpie marker for coloring.  I used some sandpaper to smooth down a little ring that was on the smoothfoam from the forming process.
pyroape5 years ago
Wow, while just glancing over I thought it said SHAVE.  Anyways, love the instructable.  I'm making one with a digital photo keychain in it.  Family photos and pics from 8-bit glory days.
Earths_hope5 years ago
This is brilliant!
MagicScarf5 years ago
i love this, a very nice and thoughtful christmas gift! (bonus: very "cost effective" too, IE CHEAP!) :)
i will be making these for my friends, thanks!!
robobobobot5 years ago
if you stare at the bottle then it lookes like the hand is moving
the randomness of that comment made me laugh my head off.
so then i tried it, and stared at the bottle for a while.
thepelton6 years ago
I am tempted to make them, but like real mushrooms, such as Amanita muscaria and Boletus edulis.
mainoah6 years ago
goomba i mean
mainoah6 years ago
I bet this idea would work to make some goobas as well, just use brown and black paints
chile.limon6 years ago
Sweet idea!
Good. nice instructable
Fasteners6 years ago
Awesome stuff
kathynv6 years ago
Terrific! How many layers of Mod Podge did you need to use to mask the texture of the styrofoam? Great job, BTW. I'm glad I saw this right after Christmas, so I have time to make a bunch for next year. Thanks for posting this very cute instructable.
scoochmaroo (author)  kathynv6 years ago
I used two layers of mod podge and sanded after both were dry. That's the part that takes the longest!
iKill6 years ago
theres some kind of candy that comes in these mushrooms, if you bought some of them emptied em then stuck in a hook it would work just as well
Browncoat iKill6 years ago
Yeah, but they're metal & might be too heavy. Also, each of those costs like $4-$5.
you could buy one and then make a mold out of it then make them with that spray insulation stuff
iKill Browncoat6 years ago
ys i never said it would be practical but i figured its an easier alternative
mg0930mg6 years ago
Coolio! This is just an awesome craft, may have to finish it.
Do it, not finish. hahahahaha.
jeff-o6 years ago
Two sizes of wood balls, or just some modeling clay would work great too. Fantastic idea! :)
Awesome. I'm gonna have to make some.