Introduction: 1 X 1 X 1 Rubix Cube Algorithm

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All right guys, in this Indestructible I will show you how to solve the legendary 1 x 1 x 1 Rubix Cube... IN 0.00 SECONDS!!!

Step 1:

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First, you need to mix it up real good by rolling it on a flat surface.

Step 2:

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Then, pick it up.

Step 3:

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DONE! All faces consist of single color!!!!


wutkinr2022 (author)2017-04-07

Amazing advice

Dill Pickle (author)2016-06-17


iLoveComputerz64 (author)2016-02-19

Lol funny :P

goneholidays (author)2015-01-03

wow so nice keep it up

fgjill (author)2014-08-13

Thank you very much. This tutorial has been very helpful to me, and now I can show all of my friends this cool new trick.

clonestranger (author)2014-05-01

This method actually works on any cube. As long as you just roll the cube around on the table, it will work just fine!

robohawk (author)2014-04-30

OMG before I saw this instructable I had no idea how to solve a 1x1x1 cube. now I have a new party trick to show people. thank you so much.

jmwells (author)2014-04-29

Ha ha. Cute!

ShrimpyPlaysMC (author)2014-04-29

Thank you. This has been very helpful for me

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