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It's a little-known fact that car enthusiasts have notoriously bad senses of humor. Kidding, kidding. But if you know a car lover and you've got a gift for the giggles, consider April Fool's Day to be your newest playground. Whether you love cars or love someone who loves cars (or maybe you just want to pull some auto pranks around the office or at home), here are 10 great April Fool's pranks for the jokester and car lover in (or around) you.

Happy pranking!

PS. People love their cars....if you damage them the least you can expect is some serious revenge on you and at the worst an a$$ kicking, so be careful who you prank!

Step 1: Wrapp'd!

Picture of Wrapp'd!
If you're a drunk college kid, or just one on the inside, wrapping someone's car is a great April Fool's gag. Especially if you're friends or lovers with a persnickety automotive purist, gift wrapping, shrink wrapping, or Saran wrapping is a way to play a joke that shouldn't ruffle too many feathers.

Just gain access to the car (you don't need the keys for this one) late at night, and proceed to wrap at your leisure. It's like wrapping a house, only with less clean up. And you should use something more sinister than toilet paper. Be liberal in your application of the Saran wrap — the harder it is for them to clean up, the longer you have to point and laugh.
roballoba1 year ago

This soooo messed up! I love it! HA HA HA!

tedbear22 years ago
gneal3 years ago
Thanks for the post. This is freaking funny. Next April Fools Day I'm gonna do this to my girlfriend's car. She got me real good this last year, and I'm dying to get her back with something. Or maybe I'll sell her car to advertising and get car wraps LA to advertise with her car!
I filled my wife's car with helium balloons once. A local cop pulled her over because some of the ones she kept were blocking the back window. Luckily, he didn't cite her.
jrh0653 years ago
Easter eggs go on sale soon. This was around 8,000 eggs. We stuck the emptry boxes in the floorboards to take up extra space.
Great 'ible!
I tried to rate it, but ratings do not seem to be functioning. I submitted a bug report almost a month ago without any apparent results...
Someone put post it notes all over a tutor's car at college :)