Step 7: Balls to the Wall!

Best for compact cars (or people that have several thousand balls to unload), fill the car up with balls so that, upon opening the door, the balls roll out.

This also works great with styrofoam peanuts — the most economical, but least environmental of the bunch.

Bonus points if you find a way to incorporate a gaggle of white turtledoves to also fly out of the car, gloriously punctuating your prank. Minus points if you kill the doves.
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<p>My friend did all of the above(except sticker price) to my beloved Widebody 2016 Miata. Found it as a joke, but I also did some revenge, by sneaking to his house at night, moving his bed to the balcony, and locking and barricading the door. When he woke up he spent 4 hours up there, telling me to help him get down, and I declined until he promised to pay $10k for all of the damages he did xD</p>
<p>These pranks are so hilarious but I bet they could also bring about highly nasty revenge plans for those with much lesser sense of humor. This is because like you mentioned people do LOVE their cars so regardless of the date, they will all be fuming with anger should they be pranked as such.</p>
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<p>This soooo messed up! I love it! HA HA HA!</p>
Thanks for the post. This is freaking funny. Next April Fools Day I'm gonna do this to my girlfriend's car. She got me real good this last year, and I'm dying to get her back with something. Or maybe I'll sell her car to advertising and get <a href="http://www.wraps1.com" rel="nofollow">car wraps LA</a> to advertise with her car!
I filled my wife's car with helium balloons once. A local cop pulled her over because some of the ones she kept were blocking the back window. Luckily, he didn't cite her.
Easter eggs go on sale soon. This was around 8,000 eggs. We stuck the emptry boxes in the floorboards to take up extra space.
Great 'ible!<br> I tried to rate it, but ratings do not seem to be functioning. I submitted a bug report almost a month ago without any apparent results...
Someone put post it notes all over a tutor's car at college :)

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