This is a 10 cell tetrahedral kite, based on the bendy straw design by emilyfis.  https://www.instructables.com/member/emilyfis/

Materials: (Most can usually be purchased at a dollar store)

Bendy Straws
Straight Straws
Packing Tape
Scotch Tape
4" mini zip ties
Mylar wrapping paper. 
Yogourt container lid

Step 1: Straws

Connect 3 bendy straws to make a triangle. Tape is not needed. Build 20 triangles.
I like the bridle-adjuster.<br> <br> This must look amazing on a sunny day, or flown over a well-lit area at night.<br> <br> (This is also a cool kite to make with a whole bunch of kids - each one makes a cell, and you fasten them all together. Even better, if you have more than 10 kids, you just make a bigger kite. Be aware, though, that tetras have more lift than you'd expect, so <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Some-Kiting-Basics/#step6" rel="nofollow">be safe</a>.)
Great idea for the kids project. I'll get right on it and see how well they work together.
real nice work !!!<br>
10 cells? I counted only 9.<br><br>Unless you count the whole set as one cell.<br><br>Anyway, nice kite!
there's one hidden that u cant see....
Oh, yes! Now I see it. Thank you, I lost another chance to remain silent.
Cool, good<br> idea.<br>

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