Step 5: Making Thing Lighter

Cut a hole where the original USB cable entered the webcam.
This is great! Do you think it would work as well to use a camera from a phone?
Yes, this webcam actually has six of them around the lens.
good !!
Great build! I I recently built a similar camera for sticking into small spaces for automotive and electronics work. I think it would be a good spy cam too.
Hey thats good, what about putting a Led light to see in dark places ?
It wont look as nice, but you could use a wire coat hanger in a pinch.
nicely done! reminds me of the cameras they put under the door in movies to see how many people are in the room before they bust in the door! i have a couple old webcams i could use for this...now just to find a flex neck....
Thanks for the comments! I just received e-mail that I have been featured! So happy the people like it XDXD! I just put a hole in my bedroom wall so that I could use it to look inside my wall, Sooooo worth it :)
Love it!!!
Crafty! Like it.

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