Introduction: 10 Follower Trolling

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So this guy asked me to do a trolling instructable so here it is!!

Step 1: Build

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Build a really nice house or palace etc.

Step 2: Troll Build

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Put tnt under the palace etc.

Step 3: Light

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Light the tnt when your victim is in the palace etc.

Step 4: Let the Magic Unfold

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Step 5: Special Thanks to @MinecraftBoss517

I know this was short but still its funny when you troll!!


Beastcop (author)2014-05-18

Did it @MinecraftBoss517

MinecraftBoss517 (author)2014-05-17

Follow for a follow?

Beastcop (author)2014-05-17


dan3008 (author)2014-05-16

I built a house (on the PC version) and filled it with TNT in all the walls and floors, all linked to a redstone switch. Opened up my world to my brother and blew the hell out of him in the house...

hehe, I'm not evil at all...

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Bio: Luv minecraft and terraria Follow 4 follow,,, unfollow 4 unfollow ??
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