Picture of 10 Foot Tall Grim Reaper Costume & Puppet
I was inspired by an episode of the TV show Making Monsters where the group created an enormous "Franken-Alice" costume for Rocker Alice Cooper.  Doing more research I discovered the concept is commonly referred to as a 'backpack puppet' and they are often used for larger-than-life characters in parades. I had a lot of fun using mine to slow down car traffic Halloween Night!

This Instructable describes how I did things - often I made it up as I went and you should do the same!

Exacto Knife
Soldering iron (optional)
Wire strippers
Drill Press , 3/4" bit , small 1/32" bit
Carving knife / tools
Scroll Saw
Wood clamps
Pins, Sewing machine, tape measure

1 x Roll of black duct tape (of course)

1 x sheet of Poster Board
Cardboard (old boxes)
Newspaper Strips
Flour, water mixed to pancake batter consistency
Translucent plastic to cover the eyes

Light Up Eyes:
Wire, 2 LED lights, 9 volt battery, 9v connector, resistor ,

Articulated Mouth:
7’ of Rope / strong string,
5 inches of your pvc pipe for jaw hinge
2x Home Depot paint stirrers

3 x 10’ ¾ diameter pvc pipe
4 x 90 degree couplings, 4 x 45 degree couplings, 2 x T coupling
Back Pack:
Salvaged closet organizer supports or similar
A mess-o-Home Depot 5 Gallon paint stir-sticks

Wood Glue
Hunk of wood (I glued 2 ¾” thick pieces of scrap together, I think it’s tight grained pine)
Copper wire (From Romex house wiring)
10' of Rope

Bunch of bargain fabric  (I had close to 8 yards of a 60” fabric, could have used more)
Alternative, black plastic table cloth
Window screen for a view port
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is very cool, very nicely done!!
tmallos (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago