Step 3: The Frame

Picture of The Frame
Every frame is going to be different due to materials on hand and the shape and needs of your character.  The easiest way to create a back pack puppet is to use a hiking backpack with an external metal frame.  A hiking backpack is designed to comfortably support 40 or more pounds and comes with a waist belt to provide counter balance to uneven loads.

I scoured our local thrift stores and made a few calls but could not find one.  So, I improvised. 

An older computer case/backpack provided the basic platform and shoulder straps. The bulk of my frame was going to be made out of 3/4" PVC pipe, but I was worried there may be too much flex in the pipe over a 6 foot length, so I found some square metal bars from a closet organizing system to add rigidity.  I cut square holes for the bars and 3/4" holds for the PVC pipe in a number of the large paint sir sticks compliments of Home Depot. I then cobbled together a frame and backpack design.   I would really recommend finding a hiking backpack - this took a lot of time and effort.

I incorporated a stronger, wider wood piece to support the shoulders of my character.

I would recommend using the 'T' connectors to create shoulder height crossbars - these ultimately added a lot of stability while walking down the street.
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