Introduction: 10 Clever Hiding Spots in Your Home for Money or Small Valuables

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Do you need a place in your home to hide your valuables when you go out of town? Or do you have a snooping sibling who is always taking your stuff? Below are 10 hiding spots around your house that are great for keeping your money or small valuables out of someone else's possession.

Step 1: Inside of a Curtain

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Check the bottom of your curtains to see if there is an opening in it like the one in the pictures. You can slip items inside of the opening. No one will ever think to look for anything inside!

Step 2: Inside Folded Closet Doors

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If you have closet doors that fold, you can tape money (or even a very light-weight item) in between the folded doors. I recommend placing your money in an envelope before taping it to the backside of the door so that it won't rip when you remove it. A plastic zipper baggie would also work.

Step 3: Above the Door Inside a Closet

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Place your money or important document(s) in an envelope and tape them above the door inside of a closet. This would probably be too obvious for walk-in closets, but it works great for smaller closets or pantries.

Step 4: Inside the Dishwasher Silverware Basket

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You could just put your items in the dishwasher, but the silverware basket will keep them even more hidden. Just place your valuables in the very back basket and anyone who happens to open the dishwasher won't even see your items!

Step 5: Inside a Retainer or Mouth Guard Case

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No one wants to mess with your retainer or mouth guard, so their cases are a great place to hide things. I recommend using an old case for this since money is dirty and you probably wouldn't want to put your mouth guard or retainer back in the case afterwards.

Step 6: Inside a Vitamin Container

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Take an empty vitamin container and put your money or valuables inside of it.

Don't use an empty medicine bottle for this because some people will steal (what they think is) your medicine.

Step 7: Inside the Washing Machine

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If you have a front-loading washing machine, lift the rubber lip back and place your valuables inside. I recommend putting them in a baggie or waterproof container first, so they will still be protected in case any liquid does happen to get on them.

If you have a top-loading washing machine, you can just open it up and put your items inside.

Step 8: Inside a Glasses Case

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Take an empty glasses case and hide your items inside. Make sure not to use a case such as Ray Bans that potential thieves will think is valuable.

Step 9: In a Trash Can

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No one will think to look for valuables in the trash! Just set your items in an empty trash can and put the trash bag back in.

Step 10: In an Empty Paint Can

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Take an empty paint can and let it dry out. Place your valuables in a baggie (just in case there's still wet paint) and set them inside. Put the lid back on the can.


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