Introduction: $10 Halloween Costume

Picture of $10 Halloween Costume

Here is an idea for a fun, inexpensive halloween costume.  The costume is good for groups... of up to 52!

Step 1: Grid Pattern on Cards

Picture of Grid Pattern on Cards

Print a grid pattern on a photo of the cards you will use.  Since the thick card I used was 24 inches wide, I made 24 squares the width of the card.  Print this as your template.

Step 2: Cut the Length Down to Size

Picture of Cut the Length Down to Size

I used a small skill saw to cut the proper height.

Step 3: Grid Pattern

Picture of Grid Pattern

For the complicated sections, drawing a 1" by 1" grid pattern will be helpful.  I used a drafting T-Square to make it easy.

Step 4: Draw!

Picture of Draw!

Start drawing the outline in pencil.

Step 5: Trace

Picture of Trace

With a heavy marker, trace the pencil outline.

Step 6: Round the Corners

Picture of Round the Corners

Round the corner to make it look more like an actual card.

Step 7: Back

Picture of Back

Start the design for the back of the card.

Step 8: Done!

Picture of Done!

All you need now is a heavy strap to connect the front and back of the card together.


GTex (author)2011-10-23

You're a real card, you ought to be dealt with. :-D

whait86 (author)2010-12-28

awesome! makes my hand hurt just thinking about trying it!

Greasetattoo (author)2010-10-27

Great costume..
But, I think you should rotate your top picture, as my head has
a krink in it.

Nice drawing..Looks like a lot of work, though..
You also need the back of the card, too!

nickfarnell (author)Greasetattoo2010-11-10

yes, the back of the card is shown on step 7.


homestuck (author)2010-10-26

really cool

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