10 Innovated Uses for Binder Clips





Introduction: 10 Innovated Uses for Binder Clips

Who knew binder clips could be so helpful, and a lot less cheaper than buying the actual tools you need!  Binder clips are cheap and always accessible, and even though they were created for one purpose, here are many other ideas on how binder clips can make life a little easier!

Step 1: Organize Your Wires

Got a ton of mixed up wires at your computer? Binder clips work as excellent organizers! Depending on the size of the cord, use different sized clips.

Step 2: I-Pod Stand

Who would have known binder clips make excellent i-pod stands! Clip two binder clips together and put your i-pod down while watching shows, playing games etc.

Step 3: Tooth Paste

Keep a binder clip at the bottom of the new toothpaste tube and use it to keep the rolled up tube in place. You’ll make the toothpaste last longer.

Step 4: Kids Doodle Pad

Grab a handful of blank pages, and hold them together with a binder clip and a sheet of thick card stock for sturdiness. Now tie a pen or pencil to a piece of string and tie that to the binder clip a simple doodle pad that always has a pen attached. Quick and easy.


Step 5: Artwork Hanger

Any art work you don't want to get holes in? Use a binder clip! Attach it to the page, and simply put a tack trough the binder clip.

Step 6: Bookmark

Use a small binder clip to mark your page, other than to dog-ear your pages.

Step 7: Recipy Card Holder

Hold up your recipes while your cooking with a sturdy base.

Step 8: Card Holder

Holds cards up real nice on the counter. If you have plain black clips, paint them or hot glue on a decoration to add style to your card.

Step 9: Wrapping Paper Clip

Keep your wrapping paper clean and tidy by putting a small clip on each end of the roll.



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    wow! lol! i have the same iPod touch!

    I love this use of binder clips, I'm going to do it right now.

    You missed my favourite:


    These work better than commercial phone holders :)


    Nice, great ideas

    i love binder clips.between these and zip ties, i can fix almost anything. lol

    Also: Hang a wire with some tension horizontally, add binder clips and photos, and you've got slightly hip picture frames.

    Missing from list: the binder clip wallet. A large binder clip is perfectly good at holding credit cards, ID, business cards and bills (folded in half).

    thanks for that!

    Great ideas. I saw a funny pic on the cheezburger network using a large clip on the fridge top shelf/rack to keep beer bottles from rolling (stacked 3,2,1 rows.) LOL