Step 3: Data Access and Ownership

All data that you put into the cloud service is your intellectual property and this should be clearly stated in your contract. However, the operating systems, applications, and hardware are owned by your provider, and you simply have access to them. It is vital to ensure that if access to their services (applications etc.) are taken away, that you still have a way to retrieve your data. This basically means that your contract should allow you to access or export data even after you subscription has ended.
Very well written, but I would take the link in step 1 out. I have been saying this ever since cloud computing started becoming popular. Aside from the link in step 1 (I wouldn't use it because it is too biased and some people could view it as spam) I think this ible should have been featured... I'm sad it wasn't. Keep up the good work.
After what happened at Megaupload, I would be hesitant to use a cloud server.

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