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Introduction: $10 Kitchen/Cooking Torch

I was interested in a cooking torch to help make sous-vide dishes look better and to help make créme brûlée. Most of the torches designed for the kitchen are $25-$50 and require the use of small butane canisters, which cost more per ounce ($2.20/oz vs. $0.20/oz for propane). Secondly, torches designed for the kitchen are usually not powerful enough to use with sous-vide.


Then I painted the container black to make it look good in the kitchen.

It turned out quite nice and makes a powerful flame.



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    It was almost black to begin with, and it being in the kitchen, not something i personally would worry about.

    Thanks for the thought though, probably not something to keep outside next to your grill in the sun.

    Ok. I have a plumbers torch that I use for cooking and was worried it wasn't the same thing as a chefs torch. My husband says you can not cook with mapp gas.

    I am inclined to not because of the additives but many people do including chefs. Just cleaner, simpler, cheaper, IMO.

    What's the difference between this and a plumbers torch?

    there's no crack! I'll see myself out.

    What do you mean? I believe this is a plumbers torch.

    At my homedepot the price for MAPP is $.70/oz vs $.20/oz for propane. But if what fzumrk says is true then I just need a new torch for my propane. I will give that a try. Thanks for the tip!

    One thing to consider is that propane torches give an off flavor to meat. Consider using a mapp gas torch. The gas isn't much more expensive than propane but the torch is. The benefit to mapp gas though is no off flavor. I use it for exactly the purposes that you discuss here.

    Where do you source the containers and what do they typically cost per ounce/lb?