10 Life-Changing Life Hacks - You Can Try Right Now!

Picture of 10 Life-Changing Life Hacks - You Can Try Right Now!

Boost the chances of finding a lost phone, and sleep better starting tonight, with 10 life-changing lifehacks you can use right now.

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Step 1: Watch the Video! :)

NOTE: These projects and results are portrayals of my own personal experiences. Your results may vary depending on your location, experience, and modifications. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Step 2: Life Hacks in this Instructable

Picture of Life Hacks in this Instructable

Life Hacks are tips and tricks to help make your life a bit easier. Sometimes common sense isn't so obvious until you've seen it.

So, in this video you'll see how to;

- Automatically block ads on smartphone apps and games

- Avoid the "walk of shame" at the gas pump

- Start your grill with potato chips

- Peel a Kiwi the fastest and easiest way

- Boost the chances of finding your phone if it ever gets lost

- Win the battle between hot and cold in the shower

- Effortlessly keep your tie straight and in place

- Keep kitchen rolls in place when wrapping up leftovers

- Get a better nights sleep without the cost of expensive pillows

- Turn your plastic bags into an instant bag dispenser

Watch the video HERE

Step 3: Instant Ad Blocker

Picture of Instant Ad Blocker

This little trick will make it so you can play games on your smart phone without having to deal with strategically placed ads.

Simply try switching your phone over to airplane mode.

This will turn off the phones radio function, and even make your battery last longer, so you get more playing time, without the incessant distractions.

Watch the video HERE

kSaletta9 days ago

Pillow thing works good :)

ddey521 days ago

just good

Znaffi25 days ago
wolfgang6425 days ago

Grant you always have cool Ideas! By the way our rendition of the solar scorcher got my daughter fourth place in the state STEM competition. Thanks!

sprite_tab26 days ago


doodlecraft1 month ago

Great ideas Grant--that airplane mode one will soon become the kids best friend! :)

hkaleski1 month ago

Which models have this? My Honda does't.

In iPhone, you can set data traffic for each app, so you can turn it off for specific apps so you don't loose important messages or stuff that uses data traffic.

backpocket1 month ago

love your videos watch everyone. anyways wanted to add a trick for you. I live in Florida so its very hot right now and mosquitos are thick here. I recently bought mosquito netting and made a bag out of it and zip tied it to the front of a caged fan. it was a very weak fan but within a minute I had over 100 mosquitoes after about 3 days I now see a occasional lonesome mosquito buzzing about. we wanted to ramp it up so we got a powerful barrel fan. and now we put a flat sheet of netting on the back held on with magnets.
works great keeps the deck cool and bugs are gone.
and to clean the new ramped up ones you just spray them with alcohol to kill them and then take the net off the fan and shake it off.

also lizards and frogs etc love the dead bugs you leave them.

you can buy the set up on amazon but I'm a diy guy.

I'd make a video but no one would watch and I'm not willing to allow the mosquitos to build up again to show the effectiveness.

feel free to show it off if you've got mosquitos where your located.

Thanks for describing what you saw on a Green Power Science Youtube. I'm not sure why you wanted to make it sound like you came up with it yourself.

I never said I came up with it myself. You can buy kits on amazon so Dan didn't even come up with it. I was simply conveying the information that it works. The only video I've ever found on that kind of trap was from Dan of green power science. I did mine before seeing Dan's video and thought to ramp it up and looked to the internet for ideas to make it better and I saw the way Dan did it on the back.

Just to throw it out there. I've seen many tip videos and tricks from grant Thompson that I've seen before grant did his videos.

I wanted to give grant a idea for a video because I've only found one video on it and I'm not the tip and trick video kinda guy.

I wish I would have done the mosquito trap years ago I've tried several other methods and this works a million times better.

hammer98761 month ago

Have tie tacks gone out of style?


stubbsonic1 month ago

WATER SAVING TIP: Marking the sweet spot is a good idea for the shower, but rather than run a bunch of cold & hot mixed until temperature is reached-- start by running hot only until it is fully hot, then back down to your target temp. This will save water.

Kiwi spoon trick. See if you have spoons that are thinner metal. They cut better.

puggirl4151 month ago

I wish I wasn't so cynical about the chances of actually getting my phone back if it is lost. Good idea tho.

puggirl4151 month ago

Love this tip. I don't eat chips much and would much rather use them to start the fire. lol

puggirl4151 month ago

I do this every once in a while and it is so embarrassing to have to move the car cos I went to the wrong side. Hope my car has it. I'll spread that one around.

Most cars have have the petrol flap on the passenger side , the problem is that cars that were designed in country where the steering wheel is on the other side also put their petrol flap on the passenger side. Then the steering wheel gets moved the flap doesnt.

Lots of great tips!

Is this not the greatest, friendliest, most clever site on the web or what?! My absolute favorite. Best ideas. Best, nicest folks ever!

Thanks Penolopy!

holidayv1 month ago
for the ad blocker, just turn off data. You'll still be able to recieve calls and texts. I do it on Angry Birds all the time.

Even better! Great tip. Thanks.

Londonbrig01 month ago

Great trick not many people know about. Unfortunately it's not on every car, like my old volvo.

Maybe just getting one of those "sign here" type adhesive arrows sold at office supply stores and place it appropriately as a reminder.

JoeStrout1 month ago

For me, at least, it's much easier to create a picture with the text I want on it digitally (in my favorite drawing app), and then apply that as the lock picture, than to paint giant letters on a wall and take a picture of it.

That's what I thought, printing one out and then taking a picture of it seems wasteful in both supplies and time, not to mention the loss of quality.

Quick and easy, but there are non-communication blocking ways of blocking the ads on phones. Look them up. Tho annoying, they do provide you free games however.

You should just eat the kiwi whole. Better for you.

gattlinggun1 month ago
Pure genius

You should enter this in the #mikehacks contest!

That instant bag dispenser is a great idea! I always save those plastic bags because I feel guilty throwing them out, but they take up so much space!

mrmath1 month ago

For the shower hack, I just stand OUTSIDE the shower while the water warms up, and then step in when I've reached the perfect temprature.

I like the tie idea, and might try that in the future. Right now I just use paperclips slipped through the tie holder, and then attach it to a button. Works like a charm.

jbarnhart11 month ago

If you ever find an iPhone that does not have this hack, press and hold the home button to activate Siri. Then ask it "who am I?". Siri will show you the contact information of the owner. I've used this myself.

kgirl55231 month ago