Picture of 10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas!
10 amazing tips and tricks, for Holiday challenges!
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Step 1: Watch the Video!

In this video you'll see how to;

- Convert a bag of chips into decorative wrapping paper
- Protect your wrapping paper from unraveling in storage
- Send Christmas letters without having to buy envelopes
- Make custom festive pancakes in any shape
- Avoid the challenges of packing tape sticking to itself
- Make your house smell like fresh cut pine
- Decorate sugar cookies with no mess to clean up
- Prevent your Christmas lights from tangling in storage
- Make custom chocolate garnishes for entertaining
- Turn your Christmas morning garbage into custom cards

Step 2: Snack Pack Gift Wrap

Picture of Snack Pack Gift Wrap
If you're in need of a last minute gift idea, check this out. 

Grab an empty bag of chips, and search around the house for something you think could work as a gift. 

Clean the chip bag and turn it inside out, then carefully place your gift inside and twist the bag at the top. 

All you need to do now is grab a ribbon, tie a bow, and your instant gift is ready to go. 

Now, if you don't have a ribbon handy, it's no problem.  Just cut the top inch off the chip bag and tie that on instead.  It should be just enough, to get you by in your time of need.

Step 3: Paper Keeper

Picture of Paper Keeper
If you've got rolls of wrapping paper that you want preserved, head to the kitchen and finish up some left overs, so you can salvage the aluminum foil. 

Now cut the foil into a square, that's a couple inches longer than a toilet paper tube. 

Next you'll need to make a cut down the side of the toilet tube, so you can wrap the foil around the outside, and fold the edges inward to hold it in place. 

Push the foil in at the ends, and now you've got a decorative clasp that will clamp around your tube, and hold your wrapping paper in place. 

Your decorative wrap is preserved, for another year.
SparkySolar5 months ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


I'd like to do this but I can't figure out how to do it. I follow up to "fold opposite corners into the center line". "Fold the 2 edges next" is where I get lost. What edges? I have a 6-sided figure. The two longest sides are the longest sides of triangles that resulted from folding the corners. Are those longest sides the "edges"? If I fold them, where do I fold them?? I can't make anything "complete a rectangle". If I took an origami class the teacher would pay me to go away.

I have a picture I took of what it looks like at that point, but I can't figure out how to add the image to this post.

Could somebody help me out here? I'd love to be able to do this -- I don't think the U.S. Postal Service insists on an envelope, because I often receive newsletters that are just folded in half and held together with little sticky circles folded over on the open edges.

try the illustrated instructions here -- also, it has pictures of the other side, which help:

Check the step by step here:
blackweb1 year ago
Wrapping paper rolls...just cut an empty. Toilet paper or paper towel up one side and slip it on the roll.
obtunder1 year ago
Very interesting and clever ideas all around, but I must say of "Step 6: Grab Tag" that for many, many years now, a roll of tape does not leave my hands after having been used until I have folded a slight bit of the end (or a corner) back on itself and stuck it to itself. The tape end is always easy to find, and easy to peel away for the start of the next usage. Anyway, if you really want to use some sort of object to accomplish this same task, anything at all would work just fine: a scrap of paper or plastic from a bag, or any little bit of small scrap that is at hand.
Thanks for your posting! I love to read of all the clever ideas people have for solving everyday problems.
I loved these!!! It's fun reading someone's instructions for building a steampunk bread machine, but these are simple things I can actually use.
elanna1 year ago
The pancake one is cool too.
elanna1 year ago
My favorite is the cookie icer. I will def be doing that this year!
mgonzalez11 year ago
The potato peeler on a chocolate bar just blew my mind.
great collection of nifty ideas...
tn.1 year ago
the letter idea is cute - but not legal in canada. Canada Post will not carry letters unless they are in proper envelopes.

lame, but there it is.
tn. tn.1 year ago
"your friends will be super impressed and wondering why they didn't think of it"

not my friends - they'll be all "oh - yeah - king of random, right? i saw that one."
Same story here. Especially Vsauce vids, none of my friends can talk about a topic covered in a vsauce video because we all start pulling facts from the same video and the conversation ends quickly. Turns into a joke :P
Sashanbad1 year ago
(blush), it is so easy if you locate video, and watch. :0) Awesome King! Love the ideas. Keep up the great work. Plz disregard previous post, (which I deleted, lol)
sdhardie1 year ago
...pliers? haha
rmiller9991 year ago
My goodness! King of Random, you are amazing. What great ideas. Thanks a bunch!
mole11 year ago
Love it! Especially the icing idea.
RadiantLux1 year ago
I really enjoyed these tips! The video was very nicely produced.
vpurcell1 year ago
OMG! I love these -- but especially that bread clip one! I save them hoping to figure out something to do with them - and this is it!!!!!
crkalino1 year ago
Great ideas!
rettigjim1 year ago
My solution to the tree lights storage challenge is a bit simpler. Any sort of rope or string can be stuffed into a bag without tangling if you start with one end and finish with the other end. So, starting with one end, I simply stuff a string of lights starting into a gallon size plastic storage " zip lock " bag and then pull I it out next year. Guaranteed not to tangle !
Typo: Please ignore the second "starting" in the the third sentence.
I absolutely love this. Your tips are fantastic this is a winner as far as I am concerned. I am sending this to all my friends. I already made the envelope, I love making my own envelopes. Great Job!!!
Thank you.
After watching the chip bag one I thought this was going to be a joke video, but the other ones seemed quite handy.
pojken1 year ago
I like the one about the thank you card. :)
Horef1 year ago
nice :D