10 MORE PVC Life Hacks





Introduction: 10 MORE PVC Life Hacks

10 More PVC Life Hacks

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Here is the second edition to our 10 Life hacks to make your life easier. We built and tested each of these simple hacks with success. I hope you can benefit from some of these awesome life hacks.

Lifehacks are great techniques, tricks, shortcuts, or novelty ways to use certain products in uncommon ways to make life easier.


Lifehacks in the video:

1. Tailgate gap insert

2. Driving lesson aid

3. Table height extention

4. Plant waterer and support

5. Cane

6. Laptop storage holder

7. Lug wrench spinner

8. Simple animal feeder

9. Cable storage

10. Paper towel holder


Here is the link to the first 10 Life Hacks video:


NOTE: Use of this video content is at your own risk. Your results may vary depending on type of PVC, your craftsmanship, and tools at hand.



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Great stuff! Got some renovation work going on in one bathroom. Will try some of this stuff with the Leftover material

Thank you. I will have another 10 coming out very soon.