Picture of Improvised Lighting Setup (Goodbye Tents!)
Want to take quality photos? All you need are a bunch of office supplies and your point and shoot camera!

Ever wondered how people take pictures with a white backgrounds?
Usually, professional photographers use miniature tents with a white cloth hanging around the back. These tents costs around $20 to $90. I thought it was impractical to buy one, that's why I thought of an Idea of using household materials and office supplies to build myself a "DIY Lighting Studio". It didn't even cost me a penny!

The "DIY Lighting Studio" will give a professional white background effect, ideal for advertising products, making tutorials, shooting youtube videos or simply for taking pictures of your projects.

BTW, the picture above is my "Mini Sumobot (500g Prototype)" running for the national robotics competition.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
You Will Need:
- SLR/ Point & Shoot Camera (mine: Canon G9)
- White Cartolina (28" x 22" Calf Vellum Paper) 
- Masking Tape
- 12" Straight Ruler
- 45° Triangle
- Table Desk Lamp
- Floorstanding Lamp
- Flat Desk  (near wall)
TP_inc1 year ago
got a camera for christmas so i am going to make this here's a picture of my camera
randofo2 years ago
That's a nice improvised setup.
ASCAS (author)  randofo2 years ago
bone20012 years ago
lol picture of a camera
Tomdf2 years ago
Nice, I use almost the exact same setup but I by pure coincidence I had put a cork-board behind the table and then realized I could use it to pin the paper too.
I didn't realize that robot was to tiny until seeing it these pictures.