Picture of 10 Minute Dog Boots
Yes, my dog may hate the boots but when it gets colder than -20C she refuses to go outside. Her feet get cold and she will try to lift all of her feet at the same time, I find it to be quite sad.

These boots are made of fleece and have a nice grip pad on the bottom and more importantly no matter how much she plays in the snow they will not come off.

The fleece allows them to dry out quickly and the basic design allows for quick putting on and taking off.

All that said each boot takes less than 10 minutes to make. You will need to make 4 in most cases and they can go on any foot. Having made several of these due to wearing out I am able to make 4 in less than 10 minutes.

No dogs were harmed in this Instructable. She does seem to be embarrassed by having the boots on though...

NOTE(FEB15) Due to popular demand (Xena's) and Valentine's Day, I have made a set of booties out of pink fleece and those picture have been added to the steps... Enjoy...

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Step 1: Materials and tools

1. You will need several feet of a suitable material, I used black fleece which sells locally for about $6 per meter.

2. I used 4 - 2 inch circles of suede that I had from a previous project. Any durable material will work from canvas to cloth backed vinyl, Just make sure that it will not be slippery in the snow and on the ice.

3. 4 - 6 inch (approx) strips of double sided Velcro. I have found that this offers the best retention of the boot.

You will also need a sewing machine capable of sewing light leather and Velcro. Only if you have chosen these materials. You may have to use canvas or denim of your machine cannot handle the materials.

Standard sewing scissors and heavy duty thread are also required.

A pencil and a regular sheet of paper are also needed.

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grizman3 years ago
i like it but is it a need for a dog to have boots??? My dog is a Labrador and i dont give her any boots an she has no problem sleeping outside in -17 Celsius i just give her some hay and thats all

I agree that is abuse- can you go out in sweats and tshirt and sleep in that temp laying on hay???? That is just wrong Poor dog she is going to freeze to death and that has to be miserable and painful for her

You abuse your dog if you are still keeping her outside in below zero weather- sleeping outside in any weather overnight is wrong as dogs are pack animals- they need to be with you- they need family. Hopefully you have your act together by now. READ Information! There is no excuse for lonely or cold dogs!! If you're illiterate then there are also educational programs - but find someone to care for your animals in the process.

Well, are you freezing in -17 Celsius? You are undoubtedly thinking that because your dog has fur, he stays warm. But a Lab has short fur and dogs that can stand or are bred for that kind of cold are all Husky or Malamute type dogs. Their fur is a totally different matter, with several layers of different types of hair for insulation. And remember, the bottom of a dog's foot is hairless and exposed. Your dog (I hope), is an indoor dog mostly and therefore has no way to build up tolerance to that kind of cold like wolves do. In that kind of weather, your dog needs a coat or heavy sweater and definitely boots if he's out for any length of time to avoid ice and snow becoming impacted between his toes and pads which is very painful for them. Please reconsider. I'll admit that dogs acclimate to the outside easier than we do...but really, that is extreme!

Kauna2116 grizman10 months ago
I think you should take your dog inside
Well, she's probably freezing!
I think it's more for the snow than the cold. I have a Golden Retriever mix and he has super sensitive paws (we try not to tease him too much) The snow causes the skin around his toes to turn pink and itchy and it really seems to bother him, so I made him some booties to keep his paws from being irritated. Of course we're stuck in 100 degree heat right now, so they won't be tested out for a while.
VeganEthan1 month ago

This is great! My dog won't go outside in bad weather either, which isn't great because I can't really afford puppy pads and she has horrible aim anyway.

I have tried a few types of dog booties but my dog hates them and gets them off easily. She has a weird foot and body structure due to her breed mix, pug/beagle/shepherd. I tried baby socks with rubber bottoms but though they stayed on fine and didn't slip off, she pulled them off easily.

I think I may alter the design a bit by using fleece or soft remnants as a liner, then maybe canvas as an outside. There is a good instructable of using candle wax to waterproof canvas shoes. I might add the vinyl( I have remnants) to the bottom, but I'm not sure if that would lower my dog's tolerance for them.

kelly.p.strom3 months ago

Does anyone know if the dogs will wear these on hot asphalt as well?

I made a pair from denim and am going to try them for that purpose with my Catahoula. He has pink pads and is very sensitive to the hot ground.

SailorSue429 months ago

Perfect! My black Lab/Border Collie cross loves winter but on those very cold days he could use some protection from freezing his pads. The suede pads are brilliant to give him decent traction - didn't like the cordura ones for just that problem. Got to make 4 of these tonight!

cparker11 year ago
Looks cute but I think the dog don't approve
Malhecho1 year ago
i gotta make some of these, i think right now i just gotta carry my dog across the asphalt to the grass across the street.
ToolHoard1 year ago
Excellent! Love your detail and lots of pics to help along the way. I tried some of the booties from the store but they didn't work well at all so Im gonna give these a try. BTW your pup looks EXACTLY like my Casey girl; gotta love English blank labs. Casey's getting pretty old, almost 16, and she's having a hard time walking/standing on hardwood and slippery floors so hopefully these booties will help her get some grip. Thanks!
cwyorkiex32 years ago
Thank you very much for sharing this.I have 3 five pound yorkies and two don't like wet feet.Will be making these right away.People who don't think their fur kids need protection for their pads in extreme weather need to walk around outside with no socks and shoes.Bet they will think twice about boots for there dogs.
sronicker2 years ago
Love your -able!! I just used your instructions to make mine (wife did the sewing, I'm no good with a sewing machine). I used old AF BDU sleeves, mainly the elbow (which is double layered). Also, I cut a much larger leather pad that went up over the toe. My wife is amazing with a sewing machine and stitched all the pieces together wonderfully!
Random_Canadian (author)  sronicker2 years ago
Thanks. Good to hear that you have someone that help out with the tough stuff... :-)
Logan didn't like them at first, understandable... but once he went out into the snow (even just to use the bathroom it's too late at night for a run) he LOVED them and was jumping around like a 3yr-old puppy (he's over 7yrs old!)
gabbsy1233 years ago
Really good idea!! i also have a black Labrador and he has trouble in winter when theres snow to walk i tried to sew some boots but they didnt work out i sewed these ones and they are really good!!! Adorable dog by the way...:)
Random_Canadian (author)  gabbsy1232 years ago
Thanks and I am glad the boots worked for you.
Sorry for the delay in responding to your post.
fonzuzu3 years ago
I love them but i just cant us fleece cuz i live in a really hot climate and my lab would probabl she them off. :( i wonder if i can make them outta denim or something just for fun !
Random_Canadian (author) 3 years ago
I Appreciate all of the comments. The only advice I can give is do not laugh at your dog when she is wearing or trying new things. Support the new look and go with it.

Xena passed away on the exact day of her birth at the end of August. I miss her greatly and there can be no one to replace her.

New pictures are not possible and she is greatly missed....
verry verry sad :*(
Sorry to hear about the loss of your furbaby. {{{{Hugs}}}}
wellnesser3 years ago
My dog hates these boots...any trick how to get my dog so far, that he likes his boots?
SamK925954 years ago
 You have a very gorgeous dog!
Oooo it is such a sweet doggy. Glad its got a awesome owner.
Random_Canadian (author)  SamK925954 years ago
Thank you. She will be 6 in August, And she loves people.
 I had a black lab but she had to be given away due to moving, i think they make great dogs
There might be breeds as good, but none better!
Random_Canadian (author)  SamK925954 years ago
I have to say that she is the best. She has more personality than I know what to do with... Sorry for your loss...
bart_eu3 years ago
Good idea but look at that photo. This dog isn't happy at all! Keep it in mind when u dress your pupils!
The look says, "Dog booties, huh? Drag me out into the cold, huh? Expect a surprise in your shoe tomorrow morning."
tinyknits4 years ago
If you want a template for the shape of the booties, the Domestik Goddess has one on her blog.
Random_Canadian (author)  tinyknits4 years ago
I saw these, They appear to be the ones that I used to buy. My dog seemed to take to these these the best of all the store bought brands.

The vinyl pad can be slippery on ice and snow before the surface begins to wear off.
A little scuff with 40 or 80 grit sandpaper should give her traction a head start, and give that "already broken in" look that's so hip with the CEGgers*.

* Canine Emo/Goth -ers. I'm told they make the "C" sound hard, because dogs love beer. That's also why the Straight Edge movement never took off in their culture.

vanisle3 years ago
Your dog looks much happier with the black booties Vs. the pink ones. :)
MARLAKAY3 years ago
Thanks for posting these instructions. I love the pictures of your dog. She is very beautiful! I must include that I also have a black lab. "VELVET"
Maybe Xena just doesn't like the pink colored ones. She looks happier with the black ones on! (I have a daughter who hates pink). Just a thought.
miha_nik3 years ago
It's cool! =)
SixTwelve4 years ago
Thanks for this! I hate shoes, too, but I live in Minnesota and it doesn't take long to damage your feet when it's as cold enough you might as well measure in Kalvin.
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