A few days before Halloween, my son informed me that he needed a wizard hat to round out his Ron Weasley costume. Some tinkering with paper and I came up with the following design.

The interfacing material forms the structure of the hat while the fabric is the decoration.

Once you understand the basics of it, a single hat can be done in about 10 minutes.

These are great for costumes, parties or just playing dress up. You could knock out a bunch of these for a party in no time.


  • Interfacing material (non-fusable); fairly heavy weight for rigidity
  • Material for the outside of your hat 1/4-1/2 yard depending on size of your hat. For this project, I used a very light kind of velvety textured material.
  • Thread (all purpose) matching the color of your fabric.


  • Scissors/ cutting wheel and cutting mat
  • Sewing machine
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • String

Step 1: Size Your Hat and Measure Your Noggin


Start by measuring the circumference of your head (around your head) above the eye brows and ears. Take 1/2 of this measurement and add an inch and this will be the width of your hat.

Decide how tall you want your hat, remembering that you need to get through doors and be able to stand upright in rooms. The one pictured is 16 inches high.

Lay out your interfacing in two layers. Measure the width of the hat based on the dimension of your head- straight line B-D in the image+ 1inch (remember, the width will be 1/2 of the distance around your head +1" ). Mark your center point.(point C)

Straight up from this center point, measure the height you identified for your hat and make a mark. (C-A on the image)

Take the string, and place a pin in one end and your pencil through the string (if possible) the distance from the top of your hat to the mid point of your width (A-C).The pin will be a pivot point for your string

Holding the pin in the top mark (A), use the pencil to draw an arc from side to side (B-D), ensuring you've gone far enough to reach the sides of your hat.

With that arc drawn, draw a line from the top point to each side to intersect with your arc (A-B and A-D).

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