10 Minute Meal





Introduction: 10 Minute Meal

We were in out local grocery store today and found a ham marked down. One of those "cook today or freeze today" deals. With everyone on different schedules lately, a quick meal makes more sense than a big sit-down supper. The leftover ham made 2 ways makes for good sandwiches for a week

Step 1: Slice and Cook

I sliced the ham fairly thin to fry it a little crispy and made eggs on my griddle at the same time

Step 2: Leftovers

Part of the ham I sliced thin for lunch meat and the rest I made into ham salad with a little mayo and mustard. Lunches for a week!



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    I Love ham and eggs. Especially Sunny Side Up eggs and you cant beat those "managers specials" either.....

    I never tried making ham salad. I just buy "Underwood Deviled Ham Spread". That looks nicer. I guessing 2-3 tblspoons mayp and a drop of mustard??

    Looks like another of your Ible's that got my vote......

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    Thanks, it always goes well here too. Yes, about 3 Tbsp mayo and a big squirt of mustard-prob 2 tsp or so