10 Minutes, $10 and 1 Tool DIY Nail Polish Rack





Introduction: 10 Minutes, $10 and 1 Tool DIY Nail Polish Rack

I had looked around for a nail polish rack but couldn't find anything online for less than $60 + shipping so I decided to make my own. I knew the whole wooden nail polish racks that required hammering nails and measuring wasn't for me so I figured out a way to create a professional looking rack in less time, with less effort and ... well, less skill ;) So far, my little innovation here is the easiest, most economical and esthetically pleasing DIY Nail Polish Rack I have been able to find. Thanks so much for checking it out! Hope you guys like it! xo Steph :)



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    That's a GREAT idea!! Having a major cosmetic addiction for a couple of years now I've needed a polish rack for some time. So, after searching to purchase one, seeing the $$ and simplicity of design I embarked on a DIY one. I bought all the craft wood i needed to make it, stained it, drawn out the pattern, bought the dremel blades i needed and now it sits (along with the wood I bought for a DIY vanity drawer organizer LOL) waiting for me to cut-i didn't realize how hard it is to cut wood straight!! So I've been racking my brain for an easier way to make one. Never thought about repurposing one of those. How creative-kudos to u! ( Boy that was wordy!!)

    Hahaha! I've totally done that before with other projects and HATE it when that happens, such a waste of time, money and confidence in my abilities lol, but I'm sure you will be able to repurpose the wood for something else - do you have any projects in mind yet? I'm so glad you liked my ible, thank you so much for your comment! :))

    This is a great way to organize the nail polish! :) Your dog is way too cute by the way!

    Thanks Holly! I'm so in love with my pup, he totally has me wrapped around his tiny dog finger too ;)

    Nice job! My wife will thank you for it!

    Thank you so much!! Are you planning on making her one to surprise her with??

    Hmmm, tried to reply before but don't see it.

    Yes, I am planning on surprising her. Like you she has lots, and even tho she is super-organized, she has no real way to organize the polishes. Your project is effective and looks SHARP! She'll love it.

    Awesome! Have you had any luck finding an appropriate sized cutlery tray? I purchased mine at Homesense for $8.99 but if you don't have those stores where you are, you can search:' Copco 2555-7872 Large Mesh 3-Part In-Drawer Utensil Organizer ' on Amazon - they are $12 and look like the one that I used. Good luck!! :)