Here are some useful tips on running an online store in order to make more money while running a YouTube channel.

Step 1: Why Run an Online Store

So you're trying to make a go on YouTube, things are going pretty well - however you quickly realize that the Adsense money isn't bringing in quite enough. Now you may have a great channel - with a great audience, but truthfully unless you're getting tons and tons of views, relying solely on YouTube Adsense, is really difficult.

So then you think to yourself, how can I utilize my channel better, take advantage of my social media presence, and make more money?

Now there are of course several ways to go about this, but one way - is to sell things directly - to run an online store. Now this can be a small thing, it can be a big thing - it's all about how you set it up, so let's go over some tips on running a store, to make more money on Youtube.

Great 'ible! Informative and concise. I have no plans to have an online presence any time soon (I'll certainly look here again if I do) but I am interested in buying some of your beeswax/mineral oil wood polish. Would you please give me the necessary info?<br>Thanks!
<p>Thank you! It was really useful!</p>
Great instructable and will really be valuable when I start up my channel in the future thank you
What a great Instructable! When I saw the title I expected a kinda cheesy tutorial with a heavy dose of self-promotion thrown in (as some authors here do). But yours is fantastic, practical and professional. Thank you; you've made Instructables a better place. :)

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