10 Places to Hide a Spare Key





Introduction: 10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

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10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

Have you ever been locked out of your house?

Have you ever needed to let a friend into your house while you were not at home?

Here are 10 great places to hide a spare key for future usage!

1. In your Vinyl Siding

2. Under the Dog house

3. On your Car

4. Under the Deck

5. On a Tree

6. In a Dryer Vent

7. Behind a Thermometer

8. In a Birdhouse

9. In the Power Meter Box

10. With a Neighbor


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Step 1: In Your Vinyl Siding

Hide it in your Vinyl Siding

If you have vinyl siding on your house, you have many built in hiding places around your house.

First tie a small piece of fishing line on your spare key.

Then slide the key into one of the seems of you vinyl siding with just a little bit of the fishing line showing.

When needed, just carefully pull on the fishing line to get the key.

Step 2: Under the Doghouse

Hide it Under the Doghouse

If you own a dog, then a great place to hide a key is within its territory.

To make this hiding spot even better, let’s hide the key under the dog house.

Because who wants to mess with a strange dog’s home.

When you hide it under the doghouse, make sure it is a little higher then the surrounding surface to keep it from getting wet and rusting.

In our case, we put it on a piece of wood.

Step 3: On Your Car

Hide it on Your Car

If you have a car, then most of the time you should have access to your vehicle when you are outside of your house.

A great place to hide a spare key is behind your license plate.

Just take a spare key and wrap it in some tape to keep it from rusting and from scratching your paint.

Then remove one of the screws holding the plate.

Place the key behind the plate and aligned with the hole.

Reinstall the screw, and you have a great hiding spot.

This is a good spot for a spare car key too.

Step 4: Under the Deck

Hide it Under the Deck

A deck or under the house is a great place to hide a spare key.

You can hide the key anywhere underneath this structure, but I would recommend a corner, so it is easier to find in the future.

You need to place a nail into the wood with an upward angle. This will use gravity to keep the key securely against the wood.

Also try to pick the driest location to prevent the key from rusting.

This is also a great location for children to have access.

Step 5: On a Tree

Hide it on a Tree

If you live in a wooded area, then a tree can work for you.

You need to pick a tree that is a short distance from your house.

On the side of the tree facing away from your house, add a small nail with an upward angle.

The key can be hung on this nail.

I recommend covering the key in a light layer of paint or other product to keep it from rusting.

Step 6: In a Dryer Vent

Hide it in a Dryer Vent

On the side of most houses, there is a dryer vent or fan vent.

Just on the inside of many of these vents, there is a small ledge.

This makes a great place to hide a spare key.

Do not slide the key in to far.

Be careful to watch out for wasp nests.

Step 7: Behind a Thermometer

Hide it Behind a Thermometer

If you like to know the temperature at your house, then you should have thermometer.

These products make a great place to hide a spare key.

If you have the small variety, just tape a key to the back and hang it back up.

This is such easy access, that most people will not even realize how close they really are to you spare key.

Step 8: In a Birdhouse

Hide it Inside of a Birdhouse

If you like birds, then a birdhouse makes for great entertainment and for hiding a spare key.

Just put your key in a small plastic capsule, and place it at the back of the birdhouse.

Then place some pine straw on top of it.

If you ever needed it, just watch out for birds nesting inside.

Step 9: In the Power Meter Box

Hide it in the Power Meter Box

Most houses should have a power meter on the outside.

And in many cases, the meter is now read wirelessly, which means that the power company rarely comes to your house any more.

If this is your case, then this box makes a great place to hide a spare key.

I was able to hang our key, but you may have to tape your key.

Be very careful, thee could be exposed electrical wiring, which can be very dangerous.

Step 10: With a Neighbor

Hide a Key with a Neighbor

Last but not least, if you have trustworthy neighbor in your area, then they are a great source for holding a spare key.

Also you could ask them if you could hide a key on their property.

That way if someone found it, they would not know which house it went to.




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If you use the tree one, make sure it is not somewhere that people can see it. Also, don’t hang it 30’ off the ground. Use common sense people.

I never had a problem finding someplace close to anywhere I have lived to put spare house keys in a bag and bury them. As for the car I get a spare cut and jb weld a rare earth magnet to it. Slap it virtually anywhere under the car, it won't fall off ever if the magnet is big enough.

Re: the spare car key, what is a RARE EARTH MAGNET, & where can it be purchased?

*Note to people who live on places that get hard-frozen ground and a lot of snow...Burying keys is probably a better idea in some places than in others

New ideia from yours... The spare car keys under the license...

If you want to use a "decoy" birdhouse, put a ball or fragment of a mothball. The birds will not nest in there nor will bats or squirrels. Wrap it in a small baby sock, or something similar like fruit netting, with a string attached. That way it can be removed. Place your key inside. I have several bird houses that are actively used, no one notices the empty one.

Nearly all house keys are made of brass or nickel plated brass, so they don't rust or corrode. No need to mention rust prevention in those ~4 or so examples.

Wow this is quite interesting, great idea. Thanks for sharing

What I did was I bought a real estate lock box and I have it locked around my metal water pipe. It has a 4-digit combination on it, so if I don't have my keys, I just unlock the lock box with the combination and there's a key inside there. I don't trust hiding places.

Where did you get the real estate lock box?