$10 Remote Home Security Hack





Introduction: $10 Remote Home Security Hack

Turn an ordinary inexpensive webcam into a hidden home security system viewable anywhere in the world from your cellphone! i really hope you like this and if you want a better feel of the project you can watch my video !

Step 1: The Things You Will Need !

You will need only 3 things :

1. Webcam with or without microphone (with is way better) !
2. Plush/Stuffed Animal , color black is ideal because it hide's the lens !
3. Cellphone that supports internet video / 3g with wap/gps connection !

Tool's you will need :

1. Knife,
2. String & Needle

Step 2: Step 1

The First Thing You Do !

Take the knife and make a square 2cm hole where you think it would be less visible on the toy, in my case the color was just not right so i chose the chest !

Step 3: Step 2

Continue Cutting

Now this time cut out a line in the back of the toy just enough for you webcam to fit inside the toy as shown in the image below !

Then remove cotton found inside until you think your Webcam might fit inside just right as shown in picture nr 2.

Step 4: Step 3

Place your webcam inside !

As shown in the picture place your webcam inside the toy, make sure the lens line's up with the hole 2 cm square hole, and dosen't move while in place if needed you can ad some cotton back inside your toy until you consider that the webcam inside is stable !

Then you can sew the second hole back and make sure that the webcam dose not fall , leaving the usb cable in the middle back so that you can be sure you can hide it later on.

Step 5: Step 4

Now that your webcam camuflaj is setup.

Connect your camera to your computer you may want to minimize the visibility to the toy/spycam find an angle where it's hard to be seen and easy for it to "see"

Step 6: Step 5

Now the hardware is all done, it's the software that you need now !

You will use a program that uploads live picture feeds every 3 seconds to a server that can be accessed by wap, now this type of program is relative easy to find on the internet you can "google" for software like this but i found one to save you the hassle and i made it available for you all at my website www.security-h.com where you will find a download link on the main page !

The Installation Process Is extremely simple,
It's a basic "next,next" setup installation witch most of novice computer users are familiar with.
After installation , you may use the "help menu for instructions on starting the server , but if the webcam is connected to the computer with correct drivers installed , then it's really easy just by starting a live feed and making a mini server with a username/password and accessing only by browsing your computers IP address with your cellphone. username and password are set up by you in the configuration part of the program's installation !

If your cellphone is connected to wap/internet with a relative good speed and supports these 3g features then ur all set !

Step 7: Final Step

Here you can see my viewing my webcam from my cellphone !

The quality is really good and you can record these images on your computer and watch them from miles and miles away in your hand !

For Better Clarification and Understanding Watch My Video At The Beginning Of This Instructable !

Thank you and feedback is welcome !



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    do you plug it into a wall socket, or do you have to use your computer?

    i love it! good job! i will totally use this to put my bedroom under surveillance, or use it as a cool party trick. keep up the good work.

    the link you gave is no longer available may I ask for the new link or the name of software..?

    im mexican also its mexican music so id shut up

    more like 30$

    hahaha it makes me laugh when he cuts it!

    It could be more stealth if you ekhm... removed one of its eyes to replace it with camera! Next you could change the other eye to look more like camera. I'd do one, its awesome. Regards

    Hmmm.... How much do you get for including the advert? Sorry, but for me that turns an otherwise-good Instructable into spam.