Picture of $10 Remote Home Security Hack
Turn an ordinary inexpensive webcam into a hidden home security system viewable anywhere in the world from your cellphone! i really hope you like this and if you want a better feel of the project you can watch my video !

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Step 1: The Things You Will Need !

Picture of The Things You Will Need !
You will need only 3 things :

1. Webcam with or without microphone (with is way better) !
2. Plush/Stuffed Animal , color black is ideal because it hide's the lens !
3. Cellphone that supports internet video / 3g with wap/gps connection !

Tool's you will need :

1. Knife,
2. String & Needle

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Grabbed Frame 3.JPG
The First Thing You Do !

Take the knife and make a square 2cm hole where you think it would be less visible on the toy, in my case the color was just not right so i chose the chest !

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
Grabbed Frame 5.JPG
Continue Cutting

Now this time cut out a line in the back of the toy just enough for you webcam to fit inside the toy as shown in the image below !

Then remove cotton found inside until you think your Webcam might fit inside just right as shown in picture nr 2.

Step 4: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
Grabbed Frame 7.JPG
Grabbed Frame 8.JPG
Place your webcam inside !

As shown in the picture place your webcam inside the toy, make sure the lens line's up with the hole 2 cm square hole, and dosen't move while in place if needed you can ad some cotton back inside your toy until you consider that the webcam inside is stable !

Then you can sew the second hole back and make sure that the webcam dose not fall , leaving the usb cable in the middle back so that you can be sure you can hide it later on.

Step 5: Step 4

Picture of Step 4
Grabbed Frame 11.JPG
Now that your webcam camuflaj is setup.

Connect your camera to your computer you may want to minimize the visibility to the toy/spycam find an angle where it's hard to be seen and easy for it to "see"
[corosive]4 years ago
do you plug it into a wall socket, or do you have to use your computer?
[corosive]4 years ago
i love it! good job! i will totally use this to put my bedroom under surveillance, or use it as a cool party trick. keep up the good work.
I like this, I could use some cheap home security at my apartment, thanks for the instructable!
xaviersmile4 years ago
the link you gave is no longer available may I ask for the new link or the name of software..?
that music is kind of disturbing
im mexican also its mexican music so id shut up
harry884 years ago
more like 30$
AbuseArt5 years ago
hahaha it makes me laugh when he cuts it!

It could be more stealth if you ekhm... removed one of its eyes to replace it with camera! Next you could change the other eye to look more like camera. I'd do one, its awesome. Regards
Kiteman7 years ago
Hmmm.... How much do you get for including the advert? Sorry, but for me that turns an otherwise-good Instructable into spam.
Yeah, I read through and was about to post a different comment until I saw yours. After viewing the website, I'd have to agree with you completely. Including a link to a site that obviously commercial wrecks this whole effort. Shame, that...
how is this different than telling people they can get the parts at lowes or home depot for their diy project? or showing how to make a 'minty boost' charger and then giving a site where you can buy the kit or even the ready made unit? unless you plan on building everything from scratch including your tools, workbench, batteries, the house you build in, etc. you will need a source to find it. lighten up. this is simply the way he did this and he has shown exactly what he used to do it and where to get it(which is what instructables is all about). if he hadn't you would be railing on him for not giving enough information. there are many other ways to do this. if you are offended by anything other than something you invent and make yourself, find another way or just go someplace else. and if that is the case, why would you be on this site anyway? isn't this site to learn from others and get new ideas? this negativity is really harmful. be positive or don't comment.
because they dont own loews and home depot
Let's not rehash this.
oh lets
I'm over it, my friend. Mr. Square and I had it out and that's that. If you're really bored, though, you might think about doing something more productive, like writing your own instructable and adding to this awesome community. I do, however, appreciate your zeal, misguided as it may be. Inciting more adversity can only beget harm. I'm taking my own advice on this one. Peace.
Wow...the response time of the comment police sucks these days.

I'm entitled to my opinion and to share it. I wasn't hostile, just negative. No good scientist, inventor, or hacker should be afraid of criticism, it improves our final work.
Beside, the last time I checked, people using this website were free to comment as long as they remained respectful.

I said that the ad tarnished the instructable, and in *MY OPINION* it did. If it didn't wreck it for you, that's awesome, but leave my comments alone.

Your pretentiousness is really harmful. Mind your own business or don't comment.

i'm sorry i didn't comment sooner, but i don't read every instructable every day. i'm sure you will have something to say about my response time on this post as well. fire away.

i will admit that criticism can be a good catalyst for good scientific work. constructive criticism. if i'm being pretentious, well let me refer you to your own comments. 'i'm entitled to my opinion,' and 'last time i checked, people using this website were free to comment as long as they remain respectful.' so please respect *MY OPINION* and follow the rules by not resulting to name-calling.

i understand your point. just keep in mind that when you post an instructable it asks you to set the license type (open source, commercial, etc.). people do try to make money off of their projects. maybe there should be a purely open source site, but this is not it. it is entirely within his right and not any sort of faux pas. i'm sorry if it ruins your experience and i'm sorry if i was offensive to you.

Firstly, don't you find it sad that you're defending your right to an opinion...even though you attacked mine in the first place?

As for the name calling bit, I think most people would describe people who attempt to display their own imagined moral superiority by policing the internet postings of random strangers as, at the very least, pretentious.

Finally, as for you quoting the "be nice" policy at me...if you feel that my initial comment was a violation of that principle, feel free to click "FLAG" next time, and let the people who run this site make the judgement call. Flaming my comment serves no purpose.

i don't know, i think making a new friend is purpose enough, don't you?
pdub77 pdub775 years ago
one last thought. when you post a comment this is the disclaimer below: "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site." take care and let's all help each other achieve good things in a positive manner. peace. -pdub
__-_-_-__6 years ago
there's a programe called wiigo that let's you use your cell phone camera has a webcam via bluetooth. you can use it with IM programs or broadcast over the internet. extremely easy 0$ it's free
Lor __-_-_-__5 years ago
There. See? Now I thought this was a really awesome instructable. I've been searching for something like this so I wouldn't have to go to a company for my alarm system. I don't trust those people anyway, and they insist you pay them monthly. In our neighborhood, they come door-to-door, and I can't believe anyone would buy a home alarm system from a door-to-door salesman. Anyway, the author clearly stated these program are readily available on the internet, and here wiigo's kindly been suggested. Thanks for the great instructable. I LOVE IT!
drmjj556 years ago
PVCprince7 years ago
where can i find the software for this? because there is no longer (or never was) a link on the website provided. Also, is the software free? I'm assuming it is from the title of the instructable ($10 home security hack). Thanks
dfd9 PVCprince6 years ago
There's a program called Fwink that does it very well. And it's free. And free of viruses too.
Mobius82407 years ago
Nice instructable but what about your phone bill wont it make it huge having to download a video feed?
giod Mobius82407 years ago
Its uploading pictures not video. Relatively small pics taken every 3 seconds is how mine is set.
Cracknel7 years ago
what software do you use to broadcast? (esti roman, nu?)
aKaMaKaVeLy (author) 7 years ago
guys, i made this instructable to help you find the program on not to advertise anyone trust me im just a video producer not an advertiser... just wanted to make it easyer for yall !
bruc33ef7 years ago
Seems to me you could do this as a front door camera to see who's knocking on your door and, with a microphone, speak to them. The commercial ones, the last time I looked, are expensive. Good Instructable!
ac1D7 years ago
Hello! If you dont have a pluff to hide the camera, you can find any other place! I do this since some week, and i hided the camera in a empty dc powersupply. work very well, up to now, no one noticed!
cool, id do it but i dont have phone internet.
its like a surgery, you are chopping him up nooo! Pretty cool idea, thats neat!
Dorkfish927 years ago
pretty cool. I'll have to try that