True Trigger, 10 Round, Auto-Loading, Knex Concept Rifle





Introduction: True Trigger, 10 Round, Auto-Loading, Knex Concept Rifle

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This is a knex rifle. It has a 10 round magazine that is jam free. The stock is by "The Jamalam" so full credit goes to him on that. ENJOY :D

The second picture you see was done by oblivitus, so give him credit on that. Feel free to comment on it if you like it.

Step 1: Building the Stock.

Build the stock as shown.The third picture shows how to connect it.

Step 2: Building the Body and Trigger.

Build the body and place the trigger. I think you can figure out how to build the trigger.

Step 3: Build Body and Inner Barrel.

Build everything as shown.

Step 4: Connecting the Body.

Connect the body pieces together.

Step 5: Building and Connecting the Handle.

Build the handle and then connect it together.

Step 6: Building the Magazine.

Build the magazine ashsown.

Step 7: Building the RAMS

Build the RAMS as shown. (right= mag. RAM) (left= barrel RAM)

Step 8: Connecting and Adding Rubber Bands.

Connect the gun and add rubber bands.



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Questions & Answers


thanks i build it and i added a barel its awsome

this looks simple to make. I cannot discribe the second pic

dude, this gun is so awsome, i managed 2 make a larger mag to hold bigger rounds, and fire further and more deadly, all thanks to u!!!

cool pics ;)

I didnt make a stock cos i didnt have enough pieces, does it matter?

i made a mod on the barrel so that i can load and fire yellow rods!!! lol !!! :D

in step 3 p2 one of your white wheels has got a little bit missing

How do you put the rubber band for the firing pin?

How many blocks are needed

This gun is completely awesome. My favorite one I've ever built. I'd recommend this to anyone. YOU ROCK!