10 Simple Life Hacks Part 1


Introduction: 10 Simple Life Hacks Part 1

10 Simple Life Hacks Part 1



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    ooh! I used to do that with lemonade

    <a href="http://tanmeisiew.com/">Love the Awesome Hacks</a>

    <a href="http://tanmeisiew.com/">Love the Awesome Hacks</a>

    yes i will be a mad woman too! ziplock water bottles,i loveit

    Yes, more crazy Russian life hacks. Those are cool. I am making zip lock bags with plastic bottles like a mad woman! Love it.

    These are cool hacks, but it's incredibly hard on copper wire to tie it in knots (extension cords, earbuds). The copper breaks off inside the insulation.


    Good stuff . Good advice>>>>>>> Don't get caught with the aluminum widget for opening combo locks , you'll be treated just as if you have a lock pick . Cops will haul you away , and anyone else might get to thinking about the last time their bike was stolen . :) .

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    As the owner of a commercial locksmith company, you are not going to get hauled away by the police for using this method to open one of your own inexpensive pad locks. This method will not work on better, heavier duty pad locks. :) No disrespect, just saying.


    Good stuff ! Thanks.

    Lol I just did. When it got the chip bag one it got really dirty really quick lol.

    these are great ideas

    love being able to stand potato chip bag - how simple is that? yet, I never thought of it. Thanks!!

    I especially enjoyed the water bottle/rice bag solution, the spill proof chip bag, and extension cord trick. Simple, effective solutions, all!

    Great hacks! So simple and effective!

    very cool hacks.....

    Some great ideas here. But be wary of the electric plugs, knotting two together can cause interference and similar with the headphone hack.