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Most of us have one or two unused USB webcams lying around in our houses. But those cameras are often collecting dust as their now outdated and have limited capabilities.

Some people are buying WiFi IP cams while others lean towards fully smat cams like the Dropcam by Nest. However, if you already have a webcam, now with Prota OS and Raspberry Pi you have a cost efficient alternative to protect and monitor your home.

Also, thanks to Prota, your webcam can be connected with other web services and devices such as Gmail, LEDs powered by GPIO, smart sockets and so forth and so on. The possibilities are vast.

Step 1: Preparations

Raspberry Pi B/ B+, Raspberry Pi 2

* We recommend you had better use RPi 2 because webcam uses a lot of RPi’s memory.

SD card with Prota OS

* You can download Prota OS here.


* We recommend webcam that supports 720p. Webcams with resolution above 720p are too slow to use with RPi.

<p>OK, but would a Debian Jessie version not work?</p>
<p>Seems cool, but is not open source which is sad.</p>

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