Step 10: Liquid Bandaid

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I heard this one from Scoochmaroo!  She uses clear nail polish as a liquid bandaid.  Apparently its the same thing...who knew!
AllByMyself2 months ago

Clear fingernail polish (CFP) is about the same thing as liquid bandage (LB). LB was copied from CFP and superglue and then manufactured separately to make more $ profit just because the label on the bottle is different. They all smell the same since they use acetone as a solvent to quickly dry the coating. There will be a very short stinging, think of it as a good and helpful sting. As it eventually gets too thick in the bottle to paint with, use acetone or fingernail polish remover (same thing) to re-thin it. Reference: wee key pee dee ahh slash Acetone. I am an off-duty Army Combat Medic.

paizley4 months ago

I agree with Scoochmaroo! The polish seals the cut and prevents moisture from entering it allowing the cut to dry out and heal. Less expensive than liquid bandage and, from experience, I find the nail polish results more preferable.

paqrat1 year ago

I recycle and restore costume jewelry. If the piece is too far gone to repair I harvest the rhinestones. I think use clear fingernail polish to glue the stones into other jewelry. As long as you don't wait too long before adding the stone it works very well.

Baaaad idea. Nail polish=/= liquid bandage. Just go buy the real stuff!
Liquid bandage is safe to use on cuts and has antibiotics in them to avoid infections. If it gets in your blood stream, it will not harm you. If it did, the FDA would not have cleared it for sale as a bandage.

Nail polish has the chemicals toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde that are known to cause birth defects and respiratory problems among other harm. These chemicals have been outlawed due to their health hazards, but many companies still put them into their nail polish formulas, just in smaller doses. Not a good thing to be exposing to your blood stream.
Totally right. bad idea. it would be better just to put a real band aid on it, then using a "liquid ban aid"
haha my friend painted her phone with sparkly nail polish. This could work on a simple phone case too!
Actually...I think clear band aid is manufactured from Soft Collidian, not the harsh chemicals similar in nail polish. Collidian is used in the Entertainment Industry by Special Effects make-up artists for creating scars. They are known to use Soft Collidian as well as Rigid Collidian. Rigid Collidian is usually painted over a lightly drawn area where the scar is supposed to be. Then using Rigid Collidian, the artist paints it along the length of the drawn scar (usually in some sort of pink or darker than flesh tone using eyebrow pens) then the make up-artist stretches the skin of the actor while the Collidian dries and after the gel has dried completely, they release the skin which causes the scar to indent into the surface of the skin. This really makes the fake scar look real. But, I DO like all of your ideas for the use of old fingernail polish. Very cool!
catiehade3 years ago
FYI- Do NOT use it on an open wound, I tried it on a opened mosquito bite. It felt someone was was stabbing me. Just for future reference!
its a great glue in a pinch and an awesome sealer to waterproof paper beads
syara203 years ago
does anybody else find this kind of disgusting????? Butting nailpolish on an open cut????
Creaturiste4 years ago
Nail polish contains acetone, which is toxic as fumes, and on skin and in your bloodstream. It may contain whatever Gods know what else!

Why risk it?

just use super glue instead
I used super glue instead of going to get some stitches and it worked but burned like hell
Actually there is medical grade superglue.
I need a brand name. I want some in my first aid kit. plz?
I wish I knew the name of the glue.
I saw it on a program on the Discovery Channel.
pass it on if u find out
Dermabond, SurgiSeal, and Liquiband are brand names of sugical-grade adhesives, intended to replace sutures. I believe that Dermabond is available on Amazon, but last I looked, it was a bit pricey. Hope that helps!
No problem.
Nail polish does NOT contain Acetone. It is a combination of Nitrocellulose (same base as car pain) and pigments.

Acetone is actually Nail Polish Remover, it is a universal solvent. Any nail polishes made by a major brand after 2006 contain no toxic chemicals.
twynn1 csudlik4 years ago
Your own body produces Acetone. Thanks for the tech info on Nail Polish. So many uses. I used it to repair a leak on a plastic bottle, a small hole. Just put several coats on it and it will seal up fine. I have used it for many many years for small cuts on my fingers. Did that in the military. I use clear kind. Thanks again for the comments. Learn everyday don't we??Hehehe.
Indeed, I confused my information! Still Nail polish remover used to be my best gloss for puppet eyes, until I found a waterbased product that was almost as glossy, but not toxic. Whatever the contents, the nail polish always affected me like any other product with toxic fumes: headaches, throat symptoms. Basically, let's listen to our bodies, and avoid what hurts us!

HarrisIndi3 years ago
I've heard clear nail polish can also stop a run in a stocking, though it's never seemed to work for me lol. Love the 'stop tins rusting in the bathroom' tip, I'll definitely use that one.
luceida4 years ago
I use clear nail polish to cover nicks and scratches in my laminate floor.
torino66694 years ago
You can also use nail polish to fix minor holes & rips in speakers. Even hi power sub woofers sufer no discernable diference in sound quality. Been fixing speakers like this for almost 25 yrs now. (GRIN) Great Structable BTW. Even more uses for the nail polish I keep in my tool box for fixing speakers. (HUGE GRIN)
jdodson14 years ago
clear nail polish doesnt intrude on the wound but during vietnam medics used to use super glue to patch up soldiers until they could get back to camp ill just stick to super glue has more flex an burn to it
edrandall4 years ago
When one of my kids was bitten by a tick which had buried itself in to the back of their leg, the nurse said to paint it over with nail varnish which would asphyxiate it, then it could be easily removed. It worked!
This is a very dangerous procedure. The tick's intestines hold all those bacteria you don't want to get in your kid's bloodstream. When the tick is sucking blood, things (blood) only go in its direction. But when the tick feels itself in danger (e.g. by suffocating from nail polish) it'll vomit all its contents into the host it has attached to.
As far as I know the only safe method for removing one is by using a pair of tweezers to grasp the tick by its head and pull it out while rotating slightly. This way practically eliminates the danger of infection, since nothing can get through the tick's squeezed head.
paqrat4 years ago
I use clear nail polish to glue small rhinestones in jewelry. With the exception of super glue most glues are too viscous for small rhinestones and superglue isn't good for the foil of the rhinestones. I have been using this for some time now and I haven't noticed any glue failures except in one case where I tried to "glue" several stones at once and allowed the polish to get too set up before adding the stone. I restring beads and use fishing line as string. I tie knots in the end of the string and use a drop of super glue on the knot which allows me to cut the excess line right up to the knot. After running out of superglue one night I tried nail polish. It appears to be working as well as the superglue.
e5frog4 years ago
Yes "some types of nail polish also contain collodion", not all types and nail polish contains a bunch of other stuff you don't want in an open cut or similar. I'd stay away from this. In an emergency super glue will work - and that's when there's no choice.
fvaldes634 years ago
Yeap. It contains acetone, but it is only the solvent. It evaporates, if it is an emergency you try anything :-). Superglue works as well in emergencies.
P.S. Eating a hotdog a day, everyday, increases the risk of colon cancer due to the nitrates. They also exist in our famous BBQ's and we still do it. As well as smoking! Some nail polish for emergencies... I 'll ( I don't fo hot dogs...I worked in a sausage factory and I know what is in there.....)
ganncamp4 years ago
I have an enamel-top in my kitchen. When a small chunk of enamel popped off, I used several coats of clear nail polish to seal it and protect the underlying steel from rust.
robecker4 years ago
I have to say that I haven't tried this, but as a dermatologist I treat people with nail polish allergies, so be careful. Band-Aid liquid bandage is the same as super glue (cyanoacrylate) it works great for paper cuts, finger splits and other low tension wounds.
I used white nail polish to cover up a scrape in my toilet porcelain that happened when I was snaking it. It worked great!
BruceR4 years ago
Yes they are both based on collodion.