Step 11: Put Stuff Inside

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Tennis balls are hollow and easy to cut into. This makes them perfect vehicles for intra-office correspondence, hiding precious valuables at the gym, or any other activity that might require ballistic containment.

Just cut a slit into the side of the tennis ball. Cram in your message. Hurl it to your intended recipient.


Cut a slit into the side of the tennis ball. Cram in your cash. Stuff it under some dirty socks in your gym bag next to the Tinactin.

doo da do3 months ago

I have seen them used also for small nut & bolts

Hometalk1 year ago

make a slit, drop in dog treats, awesome doggie toy!!

Wolf321 Hometalk5 months ago

My dog loved that toy.

Good idea, I never would have thought of that lol.

imboredalot3 years ago
Or you can play a game where you hit the ball with a racket to the opponents side of the net in the goal of making your opponent miss the ball.
wilgubeast (author)  imboredalot3 years ago
Never heard of anything like that. Pics?
croberts153 years ago
I slit 4 tennis balls open, filled them with pennies, sealed the slits with duct tape and used them for juggling balls. Heavy juggling balls. Excellent and they did not bounce when dropped, they thudded.
austinbacak3 years ago
Here is another great use for tennis balls.

I once was playing tennis and upon finishing I went to my car to realize that I had locked my keys inside. I took a tennis ball and cut a quarter-sized hole into it. I placed the hole over my car door key-hole and hit the ball with my hand sending a burst of air into the key-hole and watched as my door lock popped up. I was in my car in seconds.

This worked every time on my 1999 Toyota 4runner, I have not tried it on any other vehicles.
I hope someone does this to my car and takes it. I need a new one anyhow.
wilgubeast (author)  austinbacak3 years ago
Sweet! I was looking for someone who could confirm this for me. In doing the research for this, I came across a few conflicting anecdotes about the tennis ball car door trick. Can you post a video showing this trick in action?

I'm of the opinion that this is a really, really unlikely means of opening one's vehicle. But I'd love to see it actually work. Because I'd like a '99 4runner and happen to have a bunch of tennis balls on hand.
Old Audi's used to use a pneumatic locking system which the tennis ball trick does work on. It does not work on any cars that use real linkages to connect the lock to the latch/handle.
This was debunked on Mythbusters. I was tried on 100 makes and models of cars and failed every time.
I'm sorry but mythbusters have busted this one.
build523 years ago
you can unlock a car with it

Mythbusters busted that
not completely, you see they didn't use a tension wrench,thus making it, should it be true, like putting the key in, but not turning it
anything else we should know.
thegreat583 years ago
Here's a tennis ball story for you. From the pages of Mechanics Illustrated in years gone by. Some guy builds a car out of steel reinforced concrete, it's so heavy it had to have solid tires, he says it's the worlds safest car, the interior is totally lined with tennis balls cut in half and glued to all inside surfaces. To demonstrate how safe it is, he has a head on collision with a yard locomotive, and derails the train, unfortunately on impact all the tennis balls became unglued, and the car owner was smothered, true story! The car was called "The Monitor" after the Union Army unsinkable battleship.
Another great use is to cover your ball hitch with a tennis ball. Cut about a 1 1/4" hole in the tennis ball, then cut 4 slices around the hole so that the tennis ball slides over the ball hitch. Now grease the insides of the tennis ball and cap your ball. This keeps your ball nice and shiny and well lubed for your next trailer trip!

I enjoy your writing style very much Wilgubeast. Keep up the great work!
Happyn3ss3 years ago
One, that's my name. Two, you forgot the most important use. Playing Tennis. Nobody plays tennis anymore, making it somewhat unusual.
walshlg3 years ago
Got "Trigger" points in your back with stress? (mine is Right side upper back just below where I can reach). Take a tennis ball or 3, put them in a knee high sock and whack yourself with them, = Ahhhhhhhhh, relief.
Kociubinska3 years ago
When I was young glider pilot, the gliders had tennis balls used for shock absorbers.
Kociubinska3 years ago
A couple of tennis rackets would greatly improve inter-office communications.
Ryutso3 years ago
I've seen this done at ball games where the vendor in the aisle will toss a tennis ball to the person buying the cotton candy or beer for them to place money in.