Step 2: Laundry

Picture of Laundry
I like my towels to be fluffy and absorbent, but I hate the smell and texture of clothes that have been laundered with fabric softening dryer sheets. In an attempt to ditch the dryer sheets, I decided to just go without. My clothes were fine, but my towels just weren't fluffy enough.

To fluff those towels, I decided to toss in a tennis ball. Or three. Just to see what would happen. Would they have the same effect as those made for TV dryer balls? Would they destroy the dryer? Would my neighbors complain about the thunking noises?

Turns out, tennis balls make a GREAT replacement for dryer sheets with regard to fluffification. Static prevention and scent, not so much. But those aren't necessary for my towels. Or comforter. Or any of my other giant linens that require fluffiness.
anuckels3 years ago
I've been doing this for years, but had to say that I love your word, "Fliffification". The dryer is sub-par, but if I could just get that new washer...
nlaszlo3 years ago
I use to use the tennis balls in dryer. Not only do they fluff, but if you have long hair or pet hair, the hair gets stuck to the ball and you can just take the hair off the ball.
susanguare3 years ago
My laundromat attendant handed me three clean tennis balls, when I took my king-sized comforter in to wash and dry in their huge machines. I tried to keep them but she wanted them back.
The high school tennis courts, during off hours, are a great place to pick up free tennis balls. And you can wash THEM in the washer, too. They look funny bouncing around in a front-loader.
m74murray3 years ago
this is a fantastic idea. but it can also beat static and smell. what i do at home instead of using static sheets i use jiffy cloths and resoak them in fabric softner over and over again. you could so the same with these. you could pour a small ammount over them or put some in a spray bottle and away you go. :-) static free and smells great
funklight3 years ago
I've used this trick to restore loft to my down coat in the dryer. If there's nothing beating the fluff back into it it will come out flat and decidedly unpuffy.
I also recommend this to customers with down jackets or sleeping bags. In addition to restoring some of the loft, the tennis balls help break up the clumps of wet down, and they dry much faster.

If anyone else has tried to dry a long length down sleeping bag in the dryer, they're familiar with how long it takes.
BobDody3 years ago
You can also add a couple of drops of essential oil,(lavender), on the ball and it adds a great smell.