Picture of 10 Uses for Your Old Toothbrush
Here are some handy ways to re-use your old toothbrush.  You may think this small little brush is only good for cleaning your teeth, but here are 10 ways you can keep the toothbrush cycle going including beauty and cleaning tips and tricks.
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Step 1: Remove Crayon Marks on the Walls

Picture of Remove Crayon Marks on the Walls
Toothbrush 015.jpg
Toothbrush 024.jpg
Use shaving cream and a toothbrush to remove crayon marks on the wall.  My landlord will never know I used my door as a canvas!

Step 2: Brush Your Eyebrows

Picture of Brush Your Eyebrows
Beauty and grooming tools can be expensive.  I use this $1 toothbrush as an eyebrow brush.

Step 3: Clean Your Finger Nails

Picture of Clean Your Finger Nails
Brush that dirt out from under your fingernails.  Just put a little soap and water on the brush and you're good to go.  It feels nice on your nails too!

Step 4: Clean Your Shoe Soles

Picture of Clean Your Shoe Soles
When dirt and mud gets stuck in the soles of your shoes, loosen it up with your toothbrush.

Step 5: Remove Marks on Floors

Picture of Remove Marks on Floors
Toothbrush 062.jpg
Use non-gel whitening toothpaste to remove stains from the floors and counter tops.

Step 6: Clean Grout Grime on Tiled Floors

Picture of Clean Grout Grime on Tiled Floors
Combine 1 part Borax, 2 parts Baking Soda, and 2 parts water to clear out that funky grime between tiles.  Use this in the kitchen and bathroom.

Step 7: Apply Hair Dye

Picture of Apply Hair Dye
Toothbrush 070.jpg
Apply hair dye yourself using a toothbrush.  For quick touch ups to grey hair or roots, apply mascara to a toothbrush - it will blend the color in your hair better than the mascara wand.

Step 8: Clean Appliances

Picture of Clean Appliances
Toasters.  Microwaves.  Coffee Machines.  Use a toothbrush to clean off crumbs and stains that fall in those hard to reach spaces.

Step 9: Clean Hairbrush

Picture of Clean Hairbrush
Lift the hair out of your hair brush by pulling it up with your toothbrush.  

Step 10: Toothbrush Bracelet

Picture of Toothbrush Bracelet
Finally, when your toothbrush is at the end of the road, make a purdy toothbrush bracelet.
karrro3 years ago
don't you dare use that in your mouth gross :(
It is a old toothbrush.Who cares?
misterken4 years ago
Just make sure you don't use the same old toothbrush for cleaning shoes and your fingernails!
duder1454 years ago
Moccasins for the win!