Step 7: Apply Hair Dye

Apply hair dye yourself using a toothbrush.  For quick touch ups to grey hair or roots, apply mascara to a toothbrush - it will blend the color in your hair better than the mascara wand.
<p>When my toothbrushes get old, I mark them &quot;CLEANING&quot; and use them </p><p>To clean the sink or toilet!</p>
<p>You can also use some toothpaste an a toothbrush to remove pen or permenat marker marks from skin , just put some toothpaste on your skin where the mark is and rub it with the toothbrush </p>
OMG! i used it after all those uses,now im dead :( <br> <br> <br>note: just a joke
WARNING!-do not use tooth brush after all these uses you will get sick and might die!
no i did it and i did not sick or get die
another use is clean a toilet seat lol
you spelt purdy rong you spel it lik pridy
Also good to use--- minus the bristles-- to use in place of a stick to hold labels for marking your plants in the garden to identify them
Then clean toothbrush with old fine tooth comb
I used an extra soft child's toothbrush to clean a very young kitten's face. He was abandoned in front of our church so I took him home and gave him a bath and used the toothbrush to get the dirt from around his eyes and nose as well as brushing his fur.
NO! dont ever giv a cat a bath.they clean themselves up own their own.<br>though iv never tried it, mayb MAYB warm water baths only, no soap.<br><br>plus just brush ur fingers on on d face, the mud/dirt loosens n falls off...wash ur hands after tht.<br><br>had 7 cats (5kittens/2 older) at home at one point of time, best part is wen they all decide to chase ur feet wen u walk by :)
For your information, this was under the instruction of our vet. Out kitten had a skin condition that required a daily bath to treat. Also, my vet even suggests using liquid dish soap to treat flees on kittens. It's a myth that you shouldn't bathe cats. Ask your vet. They need them once in a while.
Did the liquid soap work. ??? first time ever in my 72 years that I have a cat, so appreciate any tips I can find. Thank you
Ill ask. But im sure they are gonna hate it, the kittens, if he agrees! :D <br>
for the shoe cleaning bit an old tooth brush is ideal for getting polish into the the seams of boots and shoes and where the upper joins the lower.<br><br>A used tooth brush is also useful for cleaning old coins.<br><br>
Do not clean coins they loose all value
<strong>don't you dare use that in your mouth&nbsp;gross&nbsp;:(</strong>
It is a old toothbrush.Who cares?
Tradition.. from when plastic was first used for toothbrushes. <br>Discarded toothbrushed.. boil in a saucepan and bend when softened, remove bristles and link several together for a baby teething ring.. <br>They love the bright colours, and they are very effective in soothing the mouth. <br>Brings back a lot of memories.. never ever throw out old toothbrushes. I currently have about ten as back-up, and I never replace my toothbrush often enough. <br>
I use them when I detail my car
Putting that old brush to work. I use old tooth brushes on dusty computer fans, and electronics, but not on the board or anything, that's when canned air comes in.
Cleaning flux of of soldered circuit boards.<br>Loosening dust in computers before the compressed air removes/redistributes it.<br><br>I keep several on my workbench and toolbox for all kinds of things.<br>And I only use the one on the bathroom holder for my teeth, that way I know it hasn't been used for anything else yet.<br>(as long as the people I live with are trustworthy).
In Kit. or Bath, cleaning the surfaces between fawcets.
Ever heard bout toothbrush painting? http://www.firstpalette.com/Craft_themes/Colors/Toothbrush_Painting/Toothbrush_Painting.html
If its an old brush why do you care whats in it? <br>LOOOOL<br>and you could take out hair from a hair brush with a comb too and push the hair out of the comb with the old tooth brush.<br>
Step 11: Clean the grout around your sink ;-)
that is rust my friend.<br> LOL she can't clean rust off of sinks.
An old toothbrush works very well for that and other bathroom / kitchen nook-and-cranny cleaning.
Nothing like an old toothbrush to clean those hard-to-reach places on a handgun or favorite rifle. Designed just right for that.
dont forget grooming your pets
i use them to clean engine parts on my motorcycle
Bending the shank backwards a little makes it easier to clean boot treads, the inside bottom corner of a glass and dog's teeth.
Awwww...first shoes now toaster?
We teach people how to make astronomical telescope by grinding glass blanks with crborandum powder. We use toot brush to clear the nails - this is very effective<br>
please dont put that in mouth<br>
you better not put that in the mouth
Wow what a brilliant idea, thanks!
don't forget prison shank!
But then how do you get the hair out of the toothbrush?
Use another old toothbrush... ;)<br>
You just use a smaller tooth brush, and then a smaller one for that one, and then a smaller one for that one, until you can't see the hair or the toothbrushes anymore
Lots of laugh.<br>&quot;Can't see&quot; isn't equivalent to &quot;can't handle&quot; ; )
you pull them out by hand?
Basically a tooth brush is a small scrub brush, pretty much usable where a small scrub brush is required. Dr. Dumore tooth brushes are really inexpensive when new.. Consider keeping some of those on hand for when a small scrub brush is require. You may be much happier with the results over using an worn out tooth toothbrush Sometimes sanity is wort 50 cents :) One off use of a tooth brush for me, is to glean my eyeglasses when they get funky from dirt, and sweat. Though the water pick get the interface between frame lenses cleaner faster. While it's not a high pressure washer the water pick in a higher presser washer that worlhes well for a lot of the things. Like when you neglected to clean the nooks and crannies around the bathroom sink faucet for way too long.
I've seen this used also for a comb. Not just to remove hair, but also to actually clean the comb of any grease or other stuff (the person is a little bit OCD about cleaning).
I've used this to clean the grout in tiles, and remove discoloration from the sealant around the sink.
oh, i just use soap and water, sometimes windex, which is much cheaper than toothpaste.
I use the used toothbrsh for cleanig the chain of my bike

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