I'm typically not one for altered states of consciousness. I don't do drugs. I've never been drunk. In fact, the only time I can claim to have been synthetically high was when, against my will, I was injected with Fentanyl moments before being put under for surgery (and that high was not a pleasant experience). So, when I purchased a book Get High Now (without drugs) at a book sale, many of my friends and loved ones thought it extremely peculiar. When I set out to make an Instructable along the same theme, they felt I had perhaps come unhinged.

This whole endeavor is highly out of character for me. I am not one to seek out altered states of consciousness, and everyone seemed plain confused as to why I suddenly wanted to (and without drugs, no less). Some friends wanted to know if this meant I would go out drinking with them now. Others simply wanted to know who I was, where I came from, and what I did with the real Randy. All of that said, I am not particularly certain what made all of this resonate with me so strongly, but I found it compelling enough to give it a try.

Collected here are are a number of techniques for altering your consciousness. All of these have been vetted by myself and found to be effective for me on some level. That means that I did try and reject a few consciousness altering exercises that might work for others. The most notable rejection was transcendental meditation. I could not get it to do much of anything for me other than make my legs stiff. Really, the only thing I found transcendental meditation good for was striking a nice pose for the main image of this Instructable.

While none of these 10 approaches are as consciousness-altering as being injected with Fentanyl, I can say that they will all make you perceive the world in alternative ways.

Step 1: Sleep Deprivation

The body and mind need rest in order to operate at peak performance. When the body and mind do not get the required amounts of rest time, they start doing weird things. Envision for a moment a talking children's toy with dying batteries. The voice slows down and distorts and the moving parts twitch helplessly as they try in vain to move. In some way, this is a good metaphor for sleep deprivation.

If you have ever gone longer than twenty four hours without sleep, chances are that you experienced some form of altered state as a result of sleep deprivation. In fact, the more days that you go without sleeping, the more dramatic the altered state becomes. A small sample of things that you might expect to experience while sleep deprived include strange social interactions, a slowing of cognitive ability, and a distorted sense of self.

My experience:
The longest that I have stayed awake has been three and a half days. By the middle of the third day I was trying to talk to people, but primarily mumbling incoherently to myself. In turn, people would talk to me and I would answer, but not know what I was saying. There was a strange feeling of detachment from my surroundings. My reaction time slowed down and my actions were lethargic. I was there, but not there. Sometimes I would start doing things and not know why. It was as if everything - even my most immediate concerns - were happening in my periphery.

I finally found myself on the train on my way home from work. I kept falling asleep standing up. I tried to combat this by sitting down for a few minutes and then standing up for a few more minutes. I think I might have also been mumbling to myself to stay awake, but I can't fully remember. At the point, it was hard for me to tell what I was doing. After about eighty-five hours of being awake, I managed to make the seemingly eternal 3-block trek home from the train station. When I finally made it home, I laid down in bed, and passed out for a solid eighteen hours. The whole experience was rather unsettling, but definitely interesting.
<p>Very interesting. I'm certainly going to try some of these recommendations. I already meditate everyday and use different techniques to focus or relax... I have not lived numerous trances but I have had a very interesting experience following a very intense meditation. I'm fascinated by physics (quantum mechanics, relativity, q-loop gravity...) and one night, after a very intense and deep meditation, I fell into a very weird state of consciousness and intense focus while thinking of some of the key elements of these theories. During this intense but extremely relax exercise it felt like my brain and my body got separated... my focus was so intense and, at the same time I could feel that I did not have the regular sensation of the mental barriers we usually have and as a result I could think very &quot;very&quot; clearly and accurately. For a few seconds I understood so many things at the same time and I felt so &quot;connected&quot; with the world... the feeling is indescribable. I could continue to feel the results of this trance for days afterwards and when I'm at peace, I can feel it again sometimes.</p><p>The results of these thoughts are quite personal but I can clearly state that this experience has changed me for life. Keep exploring! Very good &quot;instructable&quot;.</p><p>Thanks again!</p>
Well sir....Do you have any idea what you achieved...You are almost to the point of realization....This is what our Sanskrit books and sages talked about...The day you realize you are not your body nor your mind..That's what happened to you<br><br>
<p>Very interesting read! I tried altering (or rather: expanding) my consciousness both ways. One of my 'natural' favourites is sleep deprivation. It's incredibly effective. The brain works differently after some days and nights without sleep. My mind becomes crystal clear and paranoid (which I enjoy a lot) and I start getting mild hallucinations and draw new connections between thoughts/things/myself and whatever.. and the room around me starts shifting slightly, I'm super alert, feel like my eyesight increases, I experience colours differently... Incredible! </p><p>But I also altered my consciousness permanently through the studies of occultism, astrology, mysticism... There's SO many things to learn! You start to question a LOT of things and yourself if you're really into it, it's fascinating! I started studying it intenesely three years ago and within a few weeks I started to &quot;realise&quot;.. It's difficult to explain, you have to experience it.</p><p>Also: MUSIC!!! Good music can seriously get you high! For me it's laying down in my bed, lights out, earphones, full volume and Led Zeppelin's first LP.</p>
<p>I am always wondering whether meditation etc just work because you focus on breathing, giving your brain more oxygen and getting your elevation from this. Many people have a job where they sit, undoubtedly very unhealthy, and your organs,..., get more pressure than they should (that's why some people need to go to the toilet more often, pressure on the bladder (a rhyme never made before:-P). Most people pay attention to sit upright during meditation,etc which already takes SOME pressure away, improving breathing. Long story short: Try to focus on breathing(long in - long out) and a good posture :-) (Works for every religion,non-religion and other spiritual ways of living; even when you go for a walk with your dog, play table-tennis,,...).</p>
<p>there is a part of what you write that is correct... another part results/emerges from the meditation itself after a while. Life is not only to understand things it is also to live things. Some things are better explained when lived... if you want to try meditation, register to Audible - you'll get a free book - and download a book that explains and guides you. My personal favorite is Shinzen Young's The Science of Enlightenment... Especially if you are the scientific/rational type like me... everything is explained. And no, I make no $ here... just a recommendation from personal experience! Salute!</p>
<p>Hey there, I took a look at the reviews of your recommended book, it seems that it is somehow controversial. Since I'm not using Audible, I wouldn't download it; but there was this one review which recommends some other books, maybe they are interesting for you !?</p><p>1.) The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience, Professor Andrew Newberg, 2012<br><br>2.) Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation, Professor Mark W. Muesse, 2011<br><br>3.) Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom, Hanson &amp; Mendius, 2009</p>
I pray every day as a Christian. If I pray for more than say, 5 minutes consecutively, when I open my eyes, I usually have a feeling of sensory overload for a second. I know studies out of Duke University have shown that prayer has actual physical effects (on you, AND the people you pray for, but that is a different topic). I would say that the difference between prayer and meditation is the focus. Meditation focuses inward, prayer focuses OUTWARD. Meditation fosters a sense of self, prayer aligns your mind with the realities of the world, and prompts you with ideas and ways to act them out for the good of the world. It gives you compassion for the person you are praying for. You increasingly become more mature and less selfish.
<p>Having done both, I agree with what you've said about prayer, but I would disagree with your views on meditation.</p><p>Buddhist meditation causes a feeling of no self and Hindu meditation can lead to feelings of being 'at one with the universe'. It is therefore not some form of selfish naval-gazing, but is a path to connecting with and helping those around you (just like prayer).</p>
<p>Agree with you <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/kerry.smallman" rel="nofollow">kerry.smallman</a>. The sense of self disappears over time in meditation and only the &quot;connection to the world&quot; remains. Some prayers in every religions achieve the same results and I would suggest <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/%20e-beth" rel="nofollow">e-beth</a>, if he/she prefers to meditate/pray using techniques develops in her religion, to search for monastery prayers and practices. There are many in the Christian religion as well as in all the others.</p>
Ah, yes. I didn't mean for it to sound like meditation was selfish. Sorry! I was thinking more like this-losing self and/or being one with the universe is very different than submitting the self to the will of the Biblical God. The change originator is God, since He is perfect, and we are not. IIRC, Buddah did not declare himself perfectly divine? I know that he is often regarded that way, but was his purpose to speak to each individual as they mediate for all eternity with omnipotent wisdom? That is not a rhetorical question, I do not know.<br>The mind altering experience of prayer is supposed to be a permanent life change conformation to the Biblical God's revealed word. That Word (the Bible) is relentless in its exhortations to put God first, others second, and self third.
<p>First of all...what is god? In the ancient teachings of meditation...the same teachings that Yeshua (Jesus) studied in the Far East, in Tibet, Nepal and in India...he learned that the disfigured and misinterpreted god that Western Christians think of today...IS nirvana. God is not a person...or even an entity, nor even a personality...god is a state of mind...a state of consciousness...a state of being...and when you reach that state...you are what is considered to be in nirvana...at peace with The All That There Is.</p><p>WE are god. God is an expression of The All That There Is...ALL consciousness on all levels, from the Devic Souls that represent the weather, water, and nature spirits, to what we consider the higher forms of consciousness, meaning intelligent, sentient, self-aware and ensouled physical beings, such as humans, cetaceans, great apes...and perhaps pachyderms. There might be others that we are not aware of...but then, we're not perfect, right?...At least...not yet.</p><p>See...religious folk tend to separate themselves out from their intrinsic connection to their true inner self and project outwardly an image (make up whatever image you want...and as we've seen over the eons...many have and still do) of a &quot;fatherly&quot; (or motherly) figure who watches over them. That is O.K., there is nothing wrong with that. We are spiritual beings and we all evolve on different levels and at different rates of time and speed. There is no race for the soul to evolve. Sentient, self-aware (and intelligent?) species (at least those that become highly technologically advanced) destroy planets (and themselves) at an amazing rate. But that is why the universe is such an immense place. Life sustaining planets are a dime a dozen in this almost infinite universe...and to us anyway...it might as well be infinite. </p><p>But then, consciousness is infinite...so why would the universe be any different? Since WE created it anyway!</p><p>I know, I know...Blasphemy!</p>
<p>who told you that Jesus studied in the Far East ? in Tibet, Nepal and in India ? Where you there with him when he studied there ? did you share the same dorm or what ? Christ Jesus is an aspect of the Holy Trinity, of GOD, and so, he existed before the Earth was even created to witness Buddhism ! With all my respect to Buddhism and the wonderful Eastern Wisdom, but Christ Jesus was NOT a scholar of those schools as presumed by many... and, we have not yet reached an evolutionary state where we can destroy planets and build new ones as you stated. We are still Gods in the making. The only known intelligent being to humanity until now, who had the perfect ability to control planet earth from within is the Christ Spirit which was embodied in Jesus, the PERFECT MAN, for a period of 3 years from age 30 till 33 when the pure blood of Jesus on the Cross carried the Christ Spirit to the soils of our earth to be able to work on it from within, purify it from the sin of ignorance, through a continuous process summarized in the Mystery of Golgotha, throughout the years, reaching our present time and beyond until we have become sufficiently purified to meet Christ in the air, or in other words, that we, by living lives of devotion, service and love, will raise our planet to a higher level, until it reaches the Etheric Plane, where we can meet Christ in the air ... Even then, we are still Gods in the making, but when we really become Gods capable of Creation, or Creators of Universes and Cosmos, about that hour, no one knows, not even the Angels and Archangels as by then we would have superseded them in evolution. </p>
<p>Wow! Truly, you are so smart. You ALSO seem to know what's what with what. Well...good for you. Oh yeah...what do self-proclaimed &quot;Christians?&quot; say in response to the years that Jesus seemed to be missing? Where was he from age twelve to when he finally reappeared decades later when he was in his forties?</p><p>Why is YOUR bible THE answer to the history of what people &quot;think&quot; was Yeshua's life? What makes YOU right and ME wrong? Because you have a book that says so? Funny.</p><p>THE INFINITE AND TRANSCENDENTAL SOULS:</p><p>Being nonphysical except in times of manifestation, these high souls do not need a motto.</p><p>The transcendental soul experiences others as itself. Telepathic rapport and psychic union occur. These exalted souls seldom seek reincarnation in the physical body. If they do, it is usually because of the spiritual and/or philosophical ennui existing on the planet, and then they normally precede the decent of the realized masters by less than one hundred years. The transcendental soul can enter the physical body and displace an old soul at any time (as was the case with Yeshau/Jesus) during the life cycle. It has happened that the presence of the transcendental soul alone was enough to provoke the needed spiritual, philosophical, or cultural revolution.</p><p>The infinite soul perceives the Tao.</p><p>The transcendental soul sedom &quot;seeks&quot; any sort of formal education, although it will go along cheerfully unless the education interferes too greatly with its purpose. Then the transcendental soul will gently, but firmly, break away.</p><p>The infinite soul has direct access to to all knowledge and has no need for education of any type.</p><p>The transcendental soul perceives the synthesis and teaches it as such. It will not espouse popular dogma and does not affiliate with organized religion.</p><p>The religion of the infinite soul is the Logos.</p><p>Neither the transcendental soul, nor the infinite soul, pursues physical union. Quite often, however, the high causal body or the high mental body displaces an older soul, and at the time of the manifestation, the sexual activity ceases. These souls are not challenged by maya.</p><p>Question: What can we do to bring about the manifestation of a transcendental or an infinite soul on the physical plane?</p><p>We could do nothing. That is true of all, without the other forces holding the universe together. All of these combined are necessary to perpetuate the cycles. Knowing how it happens does not give you carte blanche to go and do it. Many people were dissapointed in Jesus because he did nothing physical about their woes. This will be the case again. The infinite soul does not come to lead the troops. The infinite soul come to bring the Logos to bear. It is up to you to listen and take your own action.</p><p>Question: And how does all that apply to those of us on the physical plane now?</p><p>Examine the natures of the various stages of growth in the soul. The level of perception and the nature of the soul's understanding within a cycle is critical here. It now happens that on this planet the vast majority of souls are Young and Mature souls, well over one and half billion. The Baby Souls and Infant Souls together equal the number of Old Souls now. This has not always been so, but life on this planet is evolving to the point where there will be no more Infant Soul Entities cast into this frame. At that point the majority will be either Mature or Old Souls. There is an end point of course, to all worlds, when the star exhausts itself. The evolution of life within a given solar system is always geared to not exceed the life of the star. In other worlds, all life on this planet will have evolved and completed long before this star expands to become a red giant and eventually shrinks into a remnant dwarf.</p><p>Human spirits reincarnate in human form without exception. The only karma incurred of importance relates to other people. However, there are sometimes unresolved emotional conflicts in the entity. We have said that astral matter can be used to materialize self and other objects. The entity then chooses to create the hunted and the experience of the hunt. From that dimension this experience is real, in the sense that it is needed to play out a scene.</p><p>Comment: &quot;But that's contrary to most Eastern scripture!&quot;</p><p>We are sorry to distress you, but we must remind you that scripture has been in error before.</p><p>Comment: &quot;I'm certain I can remember being an animal!&quot;</p><p>There are explanations for that. It is possible for the entity not earthbound elemental to throw off fragments (souls) and crate earthbound elemental forms. This does happen, but it is not a true evolution. This is possible only for an entity no longer earthbound. The earthbound entities cannot hold on to the fragments (souls). By earthbound we speak of those with un-burned karmic ribbons who must still return (re-incarnate). The causal entity has the ability to create earthbound elementary forms and throw a fragment (soul) of the entity to that form for its earthbound experiences. This only becomes necessary occasionally and is rare. There are some strong ties with certain earth elementals. The problem has arisen more often than not among those who hunt and eat the flesh of animals. That fragment (soul) sometimes becomes a &quot;restless spirit&quot;.</p><p>Question: &quot;How are all these various soul ages distributed? You have said that this is a Young Soul world. Are you talking about a bell curve or a parabolic curve, or what?&quot;</p><p>You are right about the bell curve. The majority of all creatures of reason are Young and Mature souls right now because of the closeness of the manifestation of the High Mental Body.</p><p>Question: &quot;Wait a minute. If there's limited perception within the cycles, but a kind of astral review between lives, what happens? Isn't the soul limited by its soul age and level?&quot;</p><p>Not between lives. Soul level is the function of the Physical Plane.The soul is not of the Physical Plane. How could it possibly have gender and what good would it be? There is no gender to an entity, and the souls of an entity have no gender. Male and female are factors of the Physical Plane.</p><p>The social behavior of Baby Souls is narmally a dead giveaway. They have none of the smoothness of he older cycles. New situations frighten them. Change of any type is threatening. The Young Soul is usually polished and poised socially. The Mature Soul is sometimes nervous in crowds if the vibrations are bad, but they are exacting in their social relationships. The Old Soul is casual about everything. Baby Souls tend to be immaculate about person and home, have strong feelings about hygiene. They live by standard clich&eacute;s, and after all, &quot;Cleanliness is next to Godliness.&quot; The Young Soul often keeps external appearances: shove everything into the closet before the company comes. The Mature Soul goes in spurts: one day clean, the next day, not too clean. The Old Soul usually does not bother to shove anything into the closet. Who cares? The Baby Soul regularly cleans drawers, cupboards, and the tops of refrigerators. Let it be known that intellect is not a factor in any of these cycles.</p><p>The Infinite Soul manifested through the physical forms of Lao-Tzu, Sri Krishna, Siddhartha Guatma, Mohammed, and through Mohandas K. Gandhi. The Transcendental Soul manifested in Jesus. Jesus is not and was NOT god. Nor did he ever manifest BEFORE the creation of the Earth of even this solar system. That belief is a creation of the ego-mind (false personality) of feeble-minded men who either wanted to truly lead other &quot;lost&quot; souls...or wanted to CONTROL other people through manipulation.</p><p>All spiritual books are written by human beings...not by gods. They may be well-intentioned...but that does not mean that they aren't controlled by their false personalities...i.e., their egos.</p><p>All religious fanatics are the same as all other religious fanatics...they just keep sheepishly referring to their &quot;holy&quot; books as if those books are the [only] answer to the questions of our origins as spiritual beings...and as human beings.</p><p>Luckily, for me...I can think for myself.</p>
<p>first of all, my information do not come from any book and from no one, it comes when i pray and meditate. Nothing of what I said is mentioned in the bible exactly as i mentioned it, and, not found in the christian church as well. the lost years of Jesus where with the 'ESSENES', if you know anything about them, a secret order of which nothing is known but to those who pray, those who meditate and those who ask and will be given. Jesus was not a cholar of any school of those you mention, he and his parents belong to the Order of Essenes, and you cna make your own researches, maybe you will have another point of view, it is up to you. Personally, this is my belief, I respect yours, you have your freedom of choice, and I have mine, so do not impose your beliefs on people, and try to develop much more communication skills for your benefit. Jesus physical body was being trained by the Essenes to be able to receive the Christ Spirit that ministered though HIM from age 30 to 33 only ! and there is lot of information around that, but, you seem to be blocked out with your own dogma, stay with it... and please, do not hit me a reply because if you do so you willl only be knocking on a closed door, unless, you come with a positive attitude when you train yourself on good communication skills, if your teachings ever teach this !</p>
<p>Actually, the name Jesus comes from a Greek root word meaning &quot;death&quot; or &quot;to die&quot;. His real name was Jmmanuel (pronounced: Emanuel). Check out Billy Meier's books on the history of Jmmaneul. Find out why long after Jmmanuel died (between the age of 110 and 115) he was given the name Jesus. It was a ancient Greek curse word used on people who blasphemed or spoke about the True Source of The All That There Is...or call it god if you want. Because Jmmanuel spoke about Universal Consciousness, and spoke about the One True God, which went against the pagan gods of the Roman Empire and the various other pagan religions and their various gods and goddesses, Jmmanuel and those like him, were cursed with the word jesus. Don't believe me? Look it up. Do some real research. Jesus is actually NOT a name. And what is weird, is that there are so many people out there who really do use the word jesus as a curse word! As it was meant to be used! lol! Only thing is, all words are powerful. </p><p>One should be careful with their language, how they think, how they speak, who how they speak to and treat other people is very important. Truthfulness and honesty is important as well. Treat others as you would want yourself to be treated.</p>
You think like I do.. I'm glad I'm not the only one that understands..
Well, I guess you are mostly following Hindu ideas?<br>Christianity is a religion with a historical basis in the real person of Jesus who lived in Nazareth. He claimed to be God and performed many miracles including raising from the dead. This made many people at the time accuse HIM of blasphemy! The Jews were waiting for Messiah to come, but did not believe that Jesus was He. Hence, the crucifixion. You are free to believe what you will, <br>but you come across as kind of arrogant to say all of Christianity is wrong and that basically the whole Bible is inaccurate. Not a great way to prove you are enlightened my friend.
<p>Oh...I never claimed that I am enlightened. I think there is only an extremely small handful of truly &quot;enlightened&quot; human beings on this planet at any given time. By the way...the original &quot;scriptures&quot; that the &quot;bible&quot; are based on weren't even written until between sixty to ninety years AFTER the death of Jesus. Only in the fallible bible does it say that Jesus claimed to be god. In truth, what he actually said was: &quot;I am the son of god...and you are my brothers and sisters.&quot; Meaning: &quot;We are ALL the children of god.&quot; But as is always the case with zealots and religious control freaks (I'm not saying that that is what you are, but the leaders of the main religions of the world throughout human history are and have been), is that human beings, especially small minded, greedy, self-serving, arrogant, ignorant and power hungry little people with tiny little minds, once in power...discover how much they like having the power they hold, and then the true meaning of ANY religion...no matter which one it is...tends to hold no meaning whatsoever any longer.</p><p>And no...I am not &quot;following&quot; Hindu Ideas...as I do not &quot;follow&quot; any particular religion. Instead, I would say that I am a spiritualist. I believe in spirit. I just don't refer to spiritual consciousness as god. I don't need to go to a church or a temple or a mosque to get my spiritual guidance. Some people need that. That's O.K., I respect that. As long as religious folks keep their religions in their homes and in their churches and in their temples and in their mosques...I can respect their religions. Just keep their religious ideologies out of my government...out of my children's schools...out of and off of my mother's...my wife's, my sister's and my daughter's bodies...and perhaps keep them out of and off of my body as well.</p><p>Anyway...no where did Jesus ever claim to BE god and the miracles he did perform were because he was an acultist. He was a master at manifestation. He was a Seventh Level Old King and living his last life on Earth when he finally passed from this plane of existence. But he never actually claimed to BE god. That is a massive misinterpretation by the small minded little people who for all the various reasons small minded little people misinterpret the various spiritual teachings of the enlightened spiritual teachers throughout human history have taught.</p><p>Even Jesus said: &quot;Build no temples in my name.&quot; and what did all the small minded little people end up doing? They placed Jesus on a pedestal and called him a god. That is EXACTLY what he DIDN'T want. One of the problems with two thousand years of time between our culture and the culture of Jesus' time is that there is a massive language barrier as well as a massive cultural barrier. Honestly, no one seems to understand what spiritual teachers ever seem to be teaching. But the basic teachings of the big three were to not judge each other, turn the other cheek...which is why Jesus was talking about and teaching people about Karma. But no one now seems to get it. Why turn the other cheek? Because, what goes around, comes around. Doesn't have to be in THIS lifetime.</p><p>The Jews were smart...very intelligent people. They clearly understood that Jesus was not a god...that he was a man...that he was a rabbi...a teacher...and that obviously he wasn't born in some silly immaculate conception from a virgin. He was a normal human being who lived like all other human beings did on the same biological level as everyone else. The fact that he was a spiritually ascended master is another thing entirely.</p><p>The bible is inaccurate in many things. Much of what Jesus said that was written in the bible is correct...but is misinterpreted by most Christians. But in the end...who cares? When we die...we will all find out what's what. Right? I know that I am not going to a place called heaven nor a place called hell. Those are inventions of the human psyche. But we will all find out soon enough. We do live short lives. So make the best of them. :-)</p><p>Also...you accused me of being arrogant...but doesn't that also go the same for those who call themselves Christian or believe in Christianity? Isn't it arrogant of ANY religious person to tell an agnostic like me that they are right and I am wrong? Could I not then accuse them also of being arrogant?</p><p>Anyway...this has been an excellent subject and a wonderful debate. Thank you all for such lively intercourse. </p>
Well, I'm not sure where you got the authority to declare the world's largest religion, the best selling book of all time and the man that split history &quot;silly&quot;. What exactly are your credentials? How many times have you read the entire Bible? How do you serve mankind? My church in my little town feeds the hungry, visits the sick, takes refugees into their homes, adopts children in foster care, builds wells in several continents, fixes up old cars and gives them to people, adopts special needs teenagers, offers free couseling, I could go on and on. My faith has taken me around the world and I've seen people's lives change from night to day. I've given my life to minister to all kinds of people.<br>If I sound arrogant or exclusive it's because the authority I refer to is indeed exclusive. But it is also truth, and if you are right and I (and my authority) is wrong, no big deal for me. If my authority (God) is right and you are wrong, well it breaks my heart to think of your destiny.
I respect and honor not worship all gods and goddesses I believe all have some form of truth to their tales but the Christian God is the only one I've seen who demands to be worshipped my soul is in its 6th universal cycle I know others who remember lives outside of this tiny planet and personally I have small memories of Aphrodites hot full of herself it's part of her race but yes churches In His name feed and house the poor but not before pushing different sides of their beliefs down their throat I help I listen I don't judge them I go to a local church run hospital er every hour I have to hear a prayer while voices tell me to die people say he's all living but demands to be feared think on that one wether I imagine what I know or not I know for sure I believe in God just enough to hate him he's verm shoved down my throat so much
<p><strong>e-beth</strong>, You&acute;ve been deluded. You&acute;re mixing myths, superstition and dogma with truth and common sense. I had the intention of REFUTING every and each one of your comments, but then realized that <strong>dsantil71</strong> had already given you a clear and good answer to your arroogant claims; he even &quot;played the same game&quot; by using some bible verses. Besides, that would make me into another arrogant humang being, and I don&acute;t want that...I&acute;ve had enough of that already in my life. I also realize that no matter now many good arguments, proof and facts anyone here might present to you, you&acute;d simply not open your ears and eyes to the truth. Not &acute;your&acute; biased truth, nor any religion&acute;s &quot;truth&quot;, but simply THE TRUTH, which is based on facts, not on lies. <br><br>Yours -your mental conditioning- is a deplorable state of affairs characteristic of so many millions of people who have been led astray from what is real---yes, and What is real? That&acute;s precisely what honest, sincere and brave human beings strive to know. Not by blindly accepting everything that&acute;s been fabricated and told to them by an authoritarian religious figure, but by inquiring, by searching, by into the nature of the things they see, hear and experience in this world. </p><p>However, I appreciate your human efforts to bring relief to others less fortunate than you (materially speaking). BTW, there are many other religious and even secular groups that do the same. I am NOT condemning you, but I&acute;d suggest you make an honest effort to inquire more of what it means to be humble, and to do some research regarding the true foundation of your faith and religion...if you do, you might be really and shockingly surprised by your findings. In fact, I challenge you to do it. I challenge you to make full use of your &quot;God-given&quot; potential and skills and to learn by yourself, and to stop repeating teachings and doctrines that only serve a hidden -and sometimes, not so hidden- agenda. </p><p>Some ppl here do not share in the idea and concept of the existence of a &quot;God&quot; and all that this implies. They all have their own motives and reasons for doing so; either bc of the cartoonist misrepresentation of Him- Her-It made by many self- professed believers, or bc of a set of very personal intentions reflected in their inmoral or amoral lives that they do not want to acknowledge, especially on a public internet site...But that&acute;s their right. One&acute;s beliefs are very intimate and personal, and these should not be impossed by force to anyone. Hopefully, we can expect that truth and love will win them to their ranks.</p><p>Peace to you, <strong>e-beth</strong>...really...I wish you the best.</p><p><br></p>
<p>Santa Clause has brought joy to many children in the western world and he is based in a complete lie. Illusions and lies can bring joy and temporary help sometimes, they have in my life. It doesnt make them true. Just because something is popular and infuential or the largest in the world does not mean it is true or has any authority. No one needs credentials to speak of what is real or true. Just because you have helped a lot of people or your religion has served you and many others it does not mean it has the ultimate say in what is truth. Nor does it make you superior to than those that have not. You have invested so much into your religion that you cant see beyond it or yourself beyond it. So stop your self righteousness. A person's life can be changed for the better by many things and may other religions. I don't know if this god entity you pray for exists but if he does I still stand strong that he is not my creator nor my father. Most religious people don't even truly love him. They fear him, have unhealthy submissive obsession that would be creepy if it was towards another person or if not, just pray to win his favor. Actually I think everyone prays to win his favor no matter if their intentions are selfless or selfish. People are so mesmerized by the tales of angels and a beautiful heaven after death and eternal happiness that will be GIVEN to you like you never deserved it before. I find all that so shallow and sad. I might go to hell but this god of yours will never be able to touch my heart soul essence because he did not create me nor can he destroy me and will never own me. My soul is mine and it is all that I am and no one has power over it.</p>
Santa Claus is based on a real man, St. Nicholas. <br><br>The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born during the third century in the village of&nbsp;Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus' words to &quot;sell what you own and give the money to the poor,&quot; Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made&nbsp;Bishop&nbsp;of&nbsp;Myra&nbsp;while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to&nbsp;those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.<br><br>St. Nicholas is connected with the tradition of secretly giving presents. There was a nobleman in Patana with three daughters but he was too poor to provide them with a dowry for marriage. He was almost on the point of abandoning them to a sinful life when Nicholas heard of his problem. That night he took a purse of gold and threw it in an open window. The nobleman used for a dowry the next day as he did a second purse he found the next night. Curious about his benefactor, the third night he watched and caught Nicholas in the act but he was told not to reveal the Saint's identity or generosity. Ever since, St. Nicholas has been identified with the tradition of gift giving.<br><br>There is centre dedicated to St. Nicholas where you can find much more information about him at http://www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/home/<br><br>I hope that you find this information interesting.
<p>For a self-proclaimed christian your comments are very un-christian.</p><p> You said &quot;He claimed to be God and performed many miracles including raising from the dead.&quot;</p><p>But Jesus answered them, &quot;My Father is working until now, and I am working.&quot; This is why the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him, because not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own Father, making himself equal with God.</p><p>John 5:17-18</p><p>So Jesus said to them, &quot;Truly, truly I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise. </p><p>John 5:19</p><p>JESUS NEVER CLAIMED TO BE GOD</p><p>You stated &quot;My church in my little town feeds the hungry, visits the sick, takes refugees into their homes, adopts children in foster care, builds wells in several continents, fixes up old cars and gives them to people, adopts special needs teenagers, offers free couseling, I could go on and on. My faith has taken me around the world and I've seen people's lives change from night to day. I've given my life to minister to all kinds of people.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 6:1-4</p><p>I could go on &amp; on &amp; point out more mistakes you said but I think I made my point. To be clear I am a non-practicing Catholic who is christian but I believe everyone has the right to practice &amp; believe in whatever way they desire. I will not condemn, or look down on anyone just because they don't believe in the same thing I do. I feel we are all equal. I even want to learn about other faiths, practices &amp; customs to enrich myself more. </p><p>I just hope you can open your heart to others of whatever practice as well. As Jesus intended </p><p>getting off of my soap box now, lol</p>
You have read my mind on what god is, thank you for being in exsistance. If only everyone could see the truth of everything... I declare you winner of the debate too lol. E beth loses for assuming that what her church does is only possible because theyre a church, were all just people.. She also loses for hinting you will go &quot;hell&quot; for thinking with an open mind, god isnt a 5 year old - &quot;love me and tell me all the time or youll burn!&quot; lol -Anonymous with love
Very well put. And it can't be rebutted because it's not based on a theory; it's fact, and as real as you can get.
<p>Prayer has no scientifically proven efficacy when it comes to acting on others. </p><p>If you want to help other people, then help other people - you don't have to wait for anything or anyone to do that on your behalf.</p>
<p>Meditation and prayer are very much the same thing.</p>
<p>I humbly disagree. I am not a religious person at all. I am agnostic. Since 8th grade, I meditated, back in 1972 I formally gave up on organized fake religions. I along with a friend, who guided me, could achieve total white on a NYC subway car standing up at rush hour. That is, eyes open, with practice I could go blank in a few seconds. No vision, muffled sound and white screen. If you tried to pick my pocket or get around me, like a screen saver I leaped to the occasion. Nano second to full awareness. No Joke. </p><p>I know some people can achieve the same thing with prayer as they are just repeating the same prayer over and over and over. That will do it. But prayer is a one sided conversation with a perceived theoretical personal god. You constantly are asking for stuff. This is not meditation, (to me), this is prayer as I was taught in Cat-Lick School. This a beseeching of god for favors. This does not come close to what I experienced in meditation. And I was a firm believer in my faith and truly prayed Sundays and other days as I felt the need.</p><p>I have tried free Binaural beats, but for me they were useless, but I can't make the generator work to make custom beats. I was considering a home brewed God Helmet or the like, and visual vesion (like the lucid dream machine here on Instructables) added to a sound generator. </p><p>http ://ww w.instructables.com/id/The-Lucid-Dream-Machine/</p><p>Kinda hoping for the state achieved in &quot;Alter States&quot; the movie from 1980 but w/o the drug. </p><p>http: //w ww.imdb.com/title/tt0080360/</p><p>Go in Human, come out primordial slime brooahhhhaaaa!!!~)</p><p>Just think if you can get there w/o drugs and it makes you feel good, you break no laws, you buy no drugs, it is free, recylable and infinitely scalable. Helps aid with digestion, insomnia, anxiety and even obnoxious in-laws. (remember, eyes open and blank)</p><p>thanks fer the post My favorite part was the link to the book, that shows the chronosynclastic infindibulum. I thought that was just a Kurt Vonnegut silliness.</p><p>http :// gethighnow. com/chronosynclastic-infundibulum-aka-rotating-snake/</p><p>AS a kid I used to get nasty head aches and eventually they went away, but I do,(did), get visuals and it looks like a dot , then a cheerio, then it grows into a a boomerang , then a sliver phase of the moon (all were composed of the the illustration as the fill), and it moves and scintillates. Then it floats away. </p><p>Quite pretty, and obnoxious. Neuro MD said, it's visual migraines, well, it is better then the pain type I remember and unlike drugs, free AND legal! And they last exactly 20 minutes every time. </p><p>The ability to show someone what I see to me, is priceless. It is not a perfect description, but it is close enough. Next time I see a Neurologist I will put this past him/her. I have never been able to verbally describe it.</p><p>Again thanks fer this post, and all the comments, even the ones I do not agree with, kudo's to all!</p>
About fasting, i think you did wrong. It is not one day experience. As muslims we do it for one month (from sun shine to sun down) and it eventually gets easier. Also having a large meal is not a good idea. Eat something to make you comfortable next hours. I suggest meditating afternoon instead of doing something that make you tired.<br><br>You will be able to controlyour hunger reflex eventually. You will get hungry but not alerted searching food. However, I myself did not have any trance state during fasting but I cannot meditate either so I think you might be able to do.
This is the way i see it theres somerthing more powerful.than anything we could imagine that is out tjere. We dont know.who or what it.is. but if u ask god.or.whatever u wanma call.it for jelp.n guidanc it will help. I feel.like god knows we all habe dofferent beliefs dependimg on wjst theu were raised.to believe. It doesnt care how u.percieve ot but knows that ur asking for.strength through him.or it recognizes that u need or want help amd that we can not do it depending on our own human wil. Be a good person do the best u can amd when ir having trouble talk to.god.or higher power for help. Theres something higer out there but wjo cares whos right. It dont matter jist mediste pray or whatever u do to ask that power for help n it will respond. No ones perfect.try.ir bedt not.to.be selfish.n wjstever other negative qualities most humans tend to show and of ur havimg trohble as that higher guidance.for help thats it believe whst u want csueethay higer existsnce knows noatter who is really.right or.wrong.or.whstever<br>
Is it just a coincidence that most florescent bulbs in commercial settings (offices) operate at 40Hz, creating a visibly imperceptible strobe light? Are we being brainwashed to be constantly on the verge of Beta / Gamma waves, i.e. our highest alert/ most productive... just a thought...
<p>Hmmm...interesting comment. I had better go make myself an aluminum helmet just in case. ;-) On a serious note, I actually will do some research into that. We are surrounded by so much EMF on a daily basis. The thought has occurred to me to go live in a yurt or a tee pee somewhere out in Mother Nature somewhere as far away from modern &quot;conveniences&quot; as possible. Still, it IS nice to have electricity on hand when you need it. I'm pretty damned sure I can live without gasoline though.</p>
<p>Haha your comment made me laugh, but like jlanglie says it operates at 40.000 hertz.</p><p>But it gave me a idea, what if I make strobe lights flash at the different waves. Or what if i take a light at 100hz and one at 110hz, when I find the time.</p>
Fluorescent lights operate at the kilohertz range. And a 40 hertz pulse is entirely visible.
Sleep deprivation is amazing, I love it, it just takes away all my shyness and makes me an enjoyable person everybody likes. I'm probably going to attempt it for an event tomorrow.
<p>Tratka is an ancient method of (gently) staring at a small object or candle flame, without blinking, used in India (and I believe in Asian martial arts) to help create powerful focus. You start off GRADUALLY: the first few times for only a minute or even less. Then over a few weeks, increase the length of time. I've been able to do it up to 20 minutes, and it is amazingly helpful for meditation and focus. I've never had any bad side effects. The after image is a commonly known phenomena which is harmless.</p>
Don't you get sore eyes?
<p>Wouldn't the staring at a candle experience just be an optical illusion, as oppose to a visual hallucination? Hallucinations originate without external stimuli. </p>
Hallucinations could be stimulated by an external stimulus. It could be caused by accustomisation of the eyes and brain compensating for the continued unwavering stimulation. What is described is also similar to meditation which can caused altered perceptions.
<p>sleep deprivation is pretty dangerous if you have a job or are a student and your only way to get around is by driving.</p>
<p>I once lasted a week without sleep. I never put my mind to it beforehand but I definitely had some experience with sleep deprivation. I used to be an avid gamer in my teens so it came about naturally. I found out, on this particular occasion, that after a day or two I didn't even mind it all that much - I never, after the first night basically, had any trouble falling asleep or anything like that. I think ( it's really hard to remember this exactly of course) I entered a continuum of conscience - sort of - and it was awesome. By the sixth day, in the morning, I remember smoking a cigarette and feeling how it burned somehow and visualising it differently than what I should've actually seen when looking at it. Same thing when watching at trees, and so on.</p><p>I think it helps if you're concetrating on the same thing indefinitely. So, like, it might be a good idea if you're trying to write a book and want to be super-consistent maybe... Also I think you get better and better at the thing you're doing when you're not stopping too much to do anything else( like sleeping).</p>
Hi e-beth: <br><br>Actually...meditation is not about fostering a sense of &quot;self&quot; at all. It is about releasing self...releasing ego...it is about fostering inner peace...inner sanctity...inner vision...it's about letting go of your Earthbound ego long enough so the soul can recognize that it is infinite...which is what we are. We are infinite beings of light...of consciousness. We come from the Tao...we are cast from the Tao...for you...let's call Tao god. God is not DEMANDING of anything...only the ego or False Personality of ensouled, sentient, self-aware &quot;living&quot; beings, beings who choose to experience life on the &quot;Physical Plane&quot; such as you and me, have False Personalties...egos and therefore are the only beings (False Personalities) who DEMAND anything.<br><br>The bible along with all religious books were written by human beings...mostly by MEN. Men with False Personalities. Those who followed the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) all had False Personalities (egos) just like you and me. And the people who started writing down their &quot;INTERPRETATIONS&quot; of what they &quot;BELIEVE&quot; Jesus was talking about...that there is absolute certainty that there were and ARE incorrect interpretations, false beliefs, and misinterpretations of Yeshua's teachings. Over time...as different human beings...mostly MEN...again...with False Personalities...with their egos...and we all know that egos can warp perceptions...warp people's personal truths...and cause them to go completely astray from &quot;The Path&quot; enough so, that they decide (choose) to do some pretty &quot;evil&quot; (energy) things to their fellow human beings. Lying is just one of those things that False Personality (fear) causes people to do. Then you can build upon that.<br><br>It's true...[god] the Tao...gave us free will. That means that every single sentient, self-aware, ensouled &quot;living&quot; being throughout the entire Universe...including the Multiverse...and the Higher Planes of Consciousness can do whatever they want with themselves. There IS Karma. Karma is recorded into the Akashic Records. Karma is the exchange of energy between sentient, self-aware, conscious &quot;living&quot; beings. This energy is only energy. Religious thinking people call negative energy exchange &quot;evil&quot;, but the more enlightened souls call it &quot;energy&quot; and energy, whether perceived as &quot;negative&quot; (evil) or &quot;positive&quot; (good)...in the end...is only energy. No one is actually judged by anyone...especially a (your?) god...except by those with strong egos...i.e., False Personalities. The Tao...(god for you) has no Ego...it has no False Personality. Tao is The All That There Is. We come from Tao. We are an intrinsic part of Tao. <br><br>To me...there IS NO god. There is only the Tao. Tao is the source of our disembarkation. We who choose to come to the Physical Plane, do so as volunteers...you, me...everyone. We are ALL on the &quot;Path&quot; to enlightenment...and we are all doing it on our own terms...in our own way...as we see fit. We ARE supposed to follow some rules...but souls as they are...like to experiment, like to break the rules. So this is why there is Karma...to keep track of the &quot;energy&quot; which is recorded into the Akashic Records, so that at some later point in [time?] all energy exchanges are well...exchanged fully and fairly.<br><br>This is what Yeshua was talking about. Turn the other cheek. Revenge is mine sayeth the lord. This means, leave it to the Akashic Records...leave it to the balance of energies, because even Jesus taught everyone that we will reincarnate. THAT is the &quot;rebirth&quot; that is misinterpreted in the Bible. Again...there IS NO GOD who is DEMANDING ANYTHING. Believe what you want to believe. Apparently your &quot;belief&quot; is very strong in you...so good for you. But it is based on a book written by men almost two thousand years ago...a book that has been rewritten by men who have ulterior motives. <br><br>As long as religious folks keep their religions out of the various governments on this planet...and since I live in the United States, I would like religious &quot;fanatics&quot; to keep their religions...whatever they may be...because I don't care if they claim to be &quot;Christian&quot; or &quot;Jewish&quot; or &quot;Muslim&quot; or &quot;Buddhist&quot; or &quot;Hindi&quot; or &quot;Satanist&quot; or any other religion. Just keep your religions in your homes and churches and temples and mosques etc. and keep them out of my government and out of my children's schools and out of and off of the bodies of the women in my life.<br><br>Religions tend very much to be self-righteous.<br><br>Clearly I can see that you know absolutely nothing about meditation whatsoever. Like I have stated previously...I have been meditating since I was twelve years old. It has helped me a lot in my life. It has helped me to connect with my Spirit Guides who have helped me get through some interesting times. I've tried prayer...especially when I was a child...before I realized that it didn't bring any answers to me. Religion did allow me to leave it behind and find meditation. So I thank the Catholic Church for that. <br><br>If your religion helps you to be a better human being...then I am very happy for you. And in your travels around the world as you help the poor...I also hope that you do not proselytize to those whom you are &quot;helping&quot; and that you respect their cultures enough to allow them to believe in what they believe in.<br><br>Religions screw a lot of things up for people. Look at the African country who's leader thinks that gay people should be killed. Not very &quot;Christian&quot; of him...even though he CLAIMS to be a Christian.<br><br>Jesus would NEVER say to kill anyone...for ANY reason whatsoever. Jesus didn't die for anyone's &quot;sins&quot;. He died because he was living by example. He refused to fight or kill any of his accusers or attackers. He said to LOVE your enemies. He meant that from his heart. Love them fully...with deep compassion...with deep love and humility and with empathy. He forgave those who harmed him...those who crucified him. THAT is an enlightened soul.<br><br>He also said: &quot;Build no temples in my name.&quot; and look what all you &quot;believers&quot; did. No one listens, because they have other plans...ulterior motives. Jesus cannot and does not &quot;save&quot; anyone's soul. Only YOU can save your own soul. Maybe you have with your religious beliefs. Who knows?
How much clearly sage would<br>You actually use?
<p>A Great Article Thanks Very much, I think I might start the standing upside down things. Could be good to get the blood flowing.</p><p>One other thing I would like to add is eating a really heavy meal before bed. I get awful sleep paralysis when I do this because shortens my breath and makes me catatonic. Its horrible, but you could give that a go. </p>
<p>I&rsquo;ll have to show this to my son. He is very interested <br>in &amp; is always trying to do this. He meditates daily.</p><p>This was with drugs so it doesn&rsquo;t count, I took Ambien for <br>the first time then went to bed. My hubby &amp; kids said I started walking <br>around the house, got in my son&rsquo;s bed &amp; talking gibberish. I barely recall the <br>event, lol. Never took it again!</p><p>Step 2 Binaural Beat - I listened to one, it was awful, I <br>could feel a migraine coming on. Then I got some free ones that were supposed <br>to help with certain things like &ldquo;stop being lazy&rdquo;, &ldquo;increase IQ&rdquo;, didn&rsquo;t see a <br>difference, lol.</p><p>Step 7 - The biofeedback sounds really cool, I want to <br>try it.</p><p>Step 10 - I have been wanting to buy one of those <br>inverter devices that hold you upside, for my herniated discs but no money. <br>That would prob be easier on your head not on the wallet, lol</p><p>Step 4 What you call self hypnotism is now called <br>mindfulness &amp; deep meditative relaxation.</p><p>I cheat, I listen to audios that tell me what to do with <br>relaxing music in the background, lol. I love it.</p><p>You actually did a combination of deep meditatitive relaxation and <br>cognitive behavioral therapy.</p><p>A 2 for 1! Way to go!</p><p>The CBT was the &ldquo;mantra of something private about myself that I would like to <br>change&rdquo;</p><p>The key to CBT is REPETITION! I personally am still <br>working on that part, lol</p><p>&quot;Our thinking is very changeable. If you worked on changing <br>your thinking everyday by reading, listening to the audio exercises, and completing a cognitive diary you <br>will find your thinking changing even within a few weeks.&quot; Monica A. Frank, Ph.D. from <a href="http://www.excelatlife.com" rel="nofollow"> www.excelatlife.com</a></p><p> You can&rsquo;t beat being <br>able to improve/change yourself for the better! </p><p>There are also a lot of health benefits to mindfulness <br>&amp; deep relaxation, here are some links for info.</p><p><strong><u>A BRIEF PRIMER <br>ON THE BIOLOGY OF STRESS AND HOW CBT CAN HELP</u></strong></p><p><a href="http://www.excelatlife.com/articles/stressbiology.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.excelatlife.com/articles/stressbiology....</a></p><p><strong><u>WHAT ARE THE HEALTH <br>BENEFITS OF DEEP MEDITATIVE RELAXATION?</u></strong></p><p><a href="http://www.excelatlife.com/articles/relaxation3.htm" rel="nofollow">http://www.excelatlife.com/articles/relaxation3.ht...</a></p><p>1) Reduction in Stress and Anxiety. </p><p>2) Reduces Depression and Substance Abuse. </p><p>3) Reduces Symptoms of Various Physical Illnesses. </p><p>4) Improves Cognitive Performance. </p><p>5) Reduces Pain Sensitivity. </p><p>6) Slows Cellular Aging? Maybe</p><p>You don&rsquo;t have to go to a gym, or see a therapist or dr <br>for the deep relaxation. </p>
Very interesting read. Though &quot;hippies&quot; have nothing to do with aroma therapy. Nor binaural beats. I believe you understand now that you have tried them, but everything &quot;hippie&quot; related was once a great breakthrough in the scientific community. Especially lysergic acid (and more importantly DMT, though im unsure of its discovery) LSD (less harmful to the body and mind than citric acid) is excellent for the expansion of conciousness. I could ramble for days about hippies, but &quot;they&quot;, myself included i suppose, understand NOTHING really matters other than unity among the people, following your bliss, and loving yourself. <br>I may have gone off topic a bit. Im tired
<p>I read in a biography of Thomas Edison that he would take mini naps in his lab by sitting on a bench holding a spoon. He would close his eyes, and when he lost consciousness later, the spoon would fall, waking him up. </p>
Yes that is true but it wasn't because of the same topic, it was because he was a workaholic, he felt he only needed very little sleep, once the object he was holding fell he would then go back to working
<p>You have fast for longer than 24 hrs to be able to mark any changes. Recently I did a 3 day fast and the main takeaway was an improvement of the 5 senses- particularly eye sight. The eyes are the fastest healing organ in the body and since the body does not need to expend energy in processing food and waste during a fast it can free up more resources and energy to perceive the immediate reality in finer detail. Colors where much more vibrant- almost like I could sense them vibrating. While out on a nature hike I instinctively was relaxing my vision while trying to shut down delineating construct of the mind. The problem is that people are under the illusion that they are their minds. That , that alone is the totality of their awareness/existance. This has been scientifically been proven to be false for thousands of years. I will leave you with this thought: You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Free your mind and come to your senses....</p><p>There is an non- local experience of reality that doesn't even involve what the author (although useful to an extent) has presented here. Check out the science of Kriya Yoga if you want to go up the ladder of broader awareness- the world need it.</p>

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