10 Ways to Alter Your Consciousness Without Drugs

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I'm typically not one for altered states of consciousness. I don't do drugs. I've never been drunk. In fact, the only time I can claim to have been synthetically high was when, against my will, I was injected with Fentanyl moments before being put under for surgery (and that high was not a pleasant experience). So, when I purchased a book Get High Now (without drugs) at a book sale, many of my friends and loved ones thought it extremely peculiar. When I set out to make an Instructable along the same theme, they felt I had perhaps come unhinged.

This whole endeavor is highly out of character for me. I am not one to seek out altered states of consciousness, and everyone seemed plain confused as to why I suddenly wanted to (and without drugs, no less). Some friends wanted to know if this meant I would go out drinking with them now. Others simply wanted to know who I was, where I came from, and what I did with the real Randy. All of that said, I am not particularly certain what made all of this resonate with me so strongly, but I found it compelling enough to give it a try.

Collected here are are a number of techniques for altering your consciousness. All of these have been vetted by myself and found to be effective for me on some level. That means that I did try and reject a few consciousness altering exercises that might work for others. The most notable rejection was transcendental meditation. I could not get it to do much of anything for me other than make my legs stiff. Really, the only thing I found transcendental meditation good for was striking a nice pose for the main image of this Instructable.

While none of these 10 approaches are as consciousness-altering as being injected with Fentanyl, I can say that they will all make you perceive the world in alternative ways.
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e-beth2 months ago
I pray every day as a Christian. If I pray for more than say, 5 minutes consecutively, when I open my eyes, I usually have a feeling of sensory overload for a second. I know studies out of Duke University have shown that prayer has actual physical effects (on you, AND the people you pray for, but that is a different topic). I would say that the difference between prayer and meditation is the focus. Meditation focuses inward, prayer focuses OUTWARD. Meditation fosters a sense of self, prayer aligns your mind with the realities of the world, and prompts you with ideas and ways to act them out for the good of the world. It gives you compassion for the person you are praying for. You increasingly become more mature and less selfish.

Having done both, I agree with what you've said about prayer, but I would disagree with your views on meditation.

Buddhist meditation causes a feeling of no self and Hindu meditation can lead to feelings of being 'at one with the universe'. It is therefore not some form of selfish naval-gazing, but is a path to connecting with and helping those around you (just like prayer).

Ah, yes. I didn't mean for it to sound like meditation was selfish. Sorry! I was thinking more like this-losing self and/or being one with the universe is very different than submitting the self to the will of the Biblical God. The change originator is God, since He is perfect, and we are not. IIRC, Buddah did not declare himself perfectly divine? I know that he is often regarded that way, but was his purpose to speak to each individual as they mediate for all eternity with omnipotent wisdom? That is not a rhetorical question, I do not know.
The mind altering experience of prayer is supposed to be a permanent life change conformation to the Biblical God's revealed word. That Word (the Bible) is relentless in its exhortations to put God first, others second, and self third.

First of all...what is god? In the ancient teachings of meditation...the same teachings that Yeshua (Jesus) studied in the Far East, in Tibet, Nepal and in India...he learned that the disfigured and misinterpreted god that Western Christians think of today...IS nirvana. God is not a person...or even an entity, nor even a personality...god is a state of mind...a state of consciousness...a state of being...and when you reach that are what is considered to be in peace with The All That There Is.

WE are god. God is an expression of The All That There Is...ALL consciousness on all levels, from the Devic Souls that represent the weather, water, and nature spirits, to what we consider the higher forms of consciousness, meaning intelligent, sentient, self-aware and ensouled physical beings, such as humans, cetaceans, great apes...and perhaps pachyderms. There might be others that we are not aware of...but then, we're not perfect, right?...At least...not yet.

See...religious folk tend to separate themselves out from their intrinsic connection to their true inner self and project outwardly an image (make up whatever image you want...and as we've seen over the eons...many have and still do) of a "fatherly" (or motherly) figure who watches over them. That is O.K., there is nothing wrong with that. We are spiritual beings and we all evolve on different levels and at different rates of time and speed. There is no race for the soul to evolve. Sentient, self-aware (and intelligent?) species (at least those that become highly technologically advanced) destroy planets (and themselves) at an amazing rate. But that is why the universe is such an immense place. Life sustaining planets are a dime a dozen in this almost infinite universe...and to us might as well be infinite.

But then, consciousness is why would the universe be any different? Since WE created it anyway!

I know, I know...Blasphemy!

Well, I guess you are mostly following Hindu ideas?
Christianity is a religion with a historical basis in the real person of Jesus who lived in Nazareth. He claimed to be God and performed many miracles including raising from the dead. This made many people at the time accuse HIM of blasphemy! The Jews were waiting for Messiah to come, but did not believe that Jesus was He. Hence, the crucifixion. You are free to believe what you will,
but you come across as kind of arrogant to say all of Christianity is wrong and that basically the whole Bible is inaccurate. Not a great way to prove you are enlightened my friend.

Oh...I never claimed that I am enlightened. I think there is only an extremely small handful of truly "enlightened" human beings on this planet at any given time. By the way...the original "scriptures" that the "bible" are based on weren't even written until between sixty to ninety years AFTER the death of Jesus. Only in the fallible bible does it say that Jesus claimed to be god. In truth, what he actually said was: "I am the son of god...and you are my brothers and sisters." Meaning: "We are ALL the children of god." But as is always the case with zealots and religious control freaks (I'm not saying that that is what you are, but the leaders of the main religions of the world throughout human history are and have been), is that human beings, especially small minded, greedy, self-serving, arrogant, ignorant and power hungry little people with tiny little minds, once in how much they like having the power they hold, and then the true meaning of ANY matter which one it is...tends to hold no meaning whatsoever any longer.

And no...I am not "following" Hindu I do not "follow" any particular religion. Instead, I would say that I am a spiritualist. I believe in spirit. I just don't refer to spiritual consciousness as god. I don't need to go to a church or a temple or a mosque to get my spiritual guidance. Some people need that. That's O.K., I respect that. As long as religious folks keep their religions in their homes and in their churches and in their temples and in their mosques...I can respect their religions. Just keep their religious ideologies out of my government...out of my children's schools...out of and off of my mother' wife's, my sister's and my daughter's bodies...and perhaps keep them out of and off of my body as well. where did Jesus ever claim to BE god and the miracles he did perform were because he was an acultist. He was a master at manifestation. He was a Seventh Level Old King and living his last life on Earth when he finally passed from this plane of existence. But he never actually claimed to BE god. That is a massive misinterpretation by the small minded little people who for all the various reasons small minded little people misinterpret the various spiritual teachings of the enlightened spiritual teachers throughout human history have taught.

Even Jesus said: "Build no temples in my name." and what did all the small minded little people end up doing? They placed Jesus on a pedestal and called him a god. That is EXACTLY what he DIDN'T want. One of the problems with two thousand years of time between our culture and the culture of Jesus' time is that there is a massive language barrier as well as a massive cultural barrier. Honestly, no one seems to understand what spiritual teachers ever seem to be teaching. But the basic teachings of the big three were to not judge each other, turn the other cheek...which is why Jesus was talking about and teaching people about Karma. But no one now seems to get it. Why turn the other cheek? Because, what goes around, comes around. Doesn't have to be in THIS lifetime.

The Jews were smart...very intelligent people. They clearly understood that Jesus was not a god...that he was a man...that he was a rabbi...a teacher...and that obviously he wasn't born in some silly immaculate conception from a virgin. He was a normal human being who lived like all other human beings did on the same biological level as everyone else. The fact that he was a spiritually ascended master is another thing entirely.

The bible is inaccurate in many things. Much of what Jesus said that was written in the bible is correct...but is misinterpreted by most Christians. But in the end...who cares? When we die...we will all find out what's what. Right? I know that I am not going to a place called heaven nor a place called hell. Those are inventions of the human psyche. But we will all find out soon enough. We do live short lives. So make the best of them. :-) accused me of being arrogant...but doesn't that also go the same for those who call themselves Christian or believe in Christianity? Isn't it arrogant of ANY religious person to tell an agnostic like me that they are right and I am wrong? Could I not then accuse them also of being arrogant?

Anyway...this has been an excellent subject and a wonderful debate. Thank you all for such lively intercourse.

Well, I'm not sure where you got the authority to declare the world's largest religion, the best selling book of all time and the man that split history "silly". What exactly are your credentials? How many times have you read the entire Bible? How do you serve mankind? My church in my little town feeds the hungry, visits the sick, takes refugees into their homes, adopts children in foster care, builds wells in several continents, fixes up old cars and gives them to people, adopts special needs teenagers, offers free couseling, I could go on and on. My faith has taken me around the world and I've seen people's lives change from night to day. I've given my life to minister to all kinds of people.
If I sound arrogant or exclusive it's because the authority I refer to is indeed exclusive. But it is also truth, and if you are right and I (and my authority) is wrong, no big deal for me. If my authority (God) is right and you are wrong, well it breaks my heart to think of your destiny.

Santa Clause has brought joy to many children in the western world and he is based in a complete lie. Illusions and lies can bring joy and temporary help sometimes, they have in my life. It doesnt make them true. Just because something is popular and infuential or the largest in the world does not mean it is true or has any authority. No one needs credentials to speak of what is real or true. Just because you have helped a lot of people or your religion has served you and many others it does not mean it has the ultimate say in what is truth. Nor does it make you superior to than those that have not. You have invested so much into your religion that you cant see beyond it or yourself beyond it. So stop your self righteousness. A person's life can be changed for the better by many things and may other religions. I don't know if this god entity you pray for exists but if he does I still stand strong that he is not my creator nor my father. Most religious people don't even truly love him. They fear him, have unhealthy submissive obsession that would be creepy if it was towards another person or if not, just pray to win his favor. Actually I think everyone prays to win his favor no matter if their intentions are selfless or selfish. People are so mesmerized by the tales of angels and a beautiful heaven after death and eternal happiness that will be GIVEN to you like you never deserved it before. I find all that so shallow and sad. I might go to hell but this god of yours will never be able to touch my heart soul essence because he did not create me nor can he destroy me and will never own me. My soul is mine and it is all that I am and no one has power over it.

Santa Claus is based on a real man, St. Nicholas.

The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born during the third century in the village of Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus' words to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor," Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

St. Nicholas is connected with the tradition of secretly giving presents. There was a nobleman in Patana with three daughters but he was too poor to provide them with a dowry for marriage. He was almost on the point of abandoning them to a sinful life when Nicholas heard of his problem. That night he took a purse of gold and threw it in an open window. The nobleman used for a dowry the next day as he did a second purse he found the next night. Curious about his benefactor, the third night he watched and caught Nicholas in the act but he was told not to reveal the Saint's identity or generosity. Ever since, St. Nicholas has been identified with the tradition of gift giving.

There is centre dedicated to St. Nicholas where you can find much more information about him at

I hope that you find this information interesting.
dsantil71  e-beth2 months ago

For a self-proclaimed christian your comments are very un-christian.

You said "He claimed to be God and performed many miracles including raising from the dead."

But Jesus answered them, "My Father is working until now, and I am working." This is why the Jews were seeking all the more to kill him, because not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own Father, making himself equal with God.

John 5:17-18

So Jesus said to them, "Truly, truly I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise.

John 5:19


You stated "My church in my little town feeds the hungry, visits the sick, takes refugees into their homes, adopts children in foster care, builds wells in several continents, fixes up old cars and gives them to people, adopts special needs teenagers, offers free couseling, I could go on and on. My faith has taken me around the world and I've seen people's lives change from night to day. I've given my life to minister to all kinds of people."

"Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 6:1-4

I could go on & on & point out more mistakes you said but I think I made my point. To be clear I am a non-practicing Catholic who is christian but I believe everyone has the right to practice & believe in whatever way they desire. I will not condemn, or look down on anyone just because they don't believe in the same thing I do. I feel we are all equal. I even want to learn about other faiths, practices & customs to enrich myself more.

I just hope you can open your heart to others of whatever practice as well. As Jesus intended

getting off of my soap box now, lol

You have read my mind on what god is, thank you for being in exsistance. If only everyone could see the truth of everything... I declare you winner of the debate too lol. E beth loses for assuming that what her church does is only possible because theyre a church, were all just people.. She also loses for hinting you will go "hell" for thinking with an open mind, god isnt a 5 year old - "love me and tell me all the time or youll burn!" lol -Anonymous with love
cfuse  e-beth2 months ago

Prayer has no scientifically proven efficacy when it comes to acting on others.

If you want to help other people, then help other people - you don't have to wait for anything or anyone to do that on your behalf.

rf  e-beth2 months ago

Meditation and prayer are very much the same thing.

spark master rf2 months ago

I humbly disagree. I am not a religious person at all. I am agnostic. Since 8th grade, I meditated, back in 1972 I formally gave up on organized fake religions. I along with a friend, who guided me, could achieve total white on a NYC subway car standing up at rush hour. That is, eyes open, with practice I could go blank in a few seconds. No vision, muffled sound and white screen. If you tried to pick my pocket or get around me, like a screen saver I leaped to the occasion. Nano second to full awareness. No Joke.

I know some people can achieve the same thing with prayer as they are just repeating the same prayer over and over and over. That will do it. But prayer is a one sided conversation with a perceived theoretical personal god. You constantly are asking for stuff. This is not meditation, (to me), this is prayer as I was taught in Cat-Lick School. This a beseeching of god for favors. This does not come close to what I experienced in meditation. And I was a firm believer in my faith and truly prayed Sundays and other days as I felt the need.

I have tried free Binaural beats, but for me they were useless, but I can't make the generator work to make custom beats. I was considering a home brewed God Helmet or the like, and visual vesion (like the lucid dream machine here on Instructables) added to a sound generator.

http ://ww

Kinda hoping for the state achieved in "Alter States" the movie from 1980 but w/o the drug.

http: //w

Go in Human, come out primordial slime brooahhhhaaaa!!!~)

Just think if you can get there w/o drugs and it makes you feel good, you break no laws, you buy no drugs, it is free, recylable and infinitely scalable. Helps aid with digestion, insomnia, anxiety and even obnoxious in-laws. (remember, eyes open and blank)

thanks fer the post My favorite part was the link to the book, that shows the chronosynclastic infindibulum. I thought that was just a Kurt Vonnegut silliness.

http :// gethighnow. com/chronosynclastic-infundibulum-aka-rotating-snake/

AS a kid I used to get nasty head aches and eventually they went away, but I do,(did), get visuals and it looks like a dot , then a cheerio, then it grows into a a boomerang , then a sliver phase of the moon (all were composed of the the illustration as the fill), and it moves and scintillates. Then it floats away.

Quite pretty, and obnoxious. Neuro MD said, it's visual migraines, well, it is better then the pain type I remember and unlike drugs, free AND legal! And they last exactly 20 minutes every time.

The ability to show someone what I see to me, is priceless. It is not a perfect description, but it is close enough. Next time I see a Neurologist I will put this past him/her. I have never been able to verbally describe it.

Again thanks fer this post, and all the comments, even the ones I do not agree with, kudo's to all!

DanatTLFN1 month ago

A Great Article Thanks Very much, I think I might start the standing upside down things. Could be good to get the blood flowing.

One other thing I would like to add is eating a really heavy meal before bed. I get awful sleep paralysis when I do this because shortens my breath and makes me catatonic. Its horrible, but you could give that a go.

dsantil712 months ago

I’ll have to show this to my son. He is very interested
in & is always trying to do this. He meditates daily.

This was with drugs so it doesn’t count, I took Ambien for
the first time then went to bed. My hubby & kids said I started walking
around the house, got in my son’s bed & talking gibberish. I barely recall the
event, lol. Never took it again!

Step 2 Binaural Beat - I listened to one, it was awful, I
could feel a migraine coming on. Then I got some free ones that were supposed
to help with certain things like “stop being lazy”, “increase IQ”, didn’t see a
difference, lol.

Step 7 - The biofeedback sounds really cool, I want to
try it.

Step 10 - I have been wanting to buy one of those
inverter devices that hold you upside, for my herniated discs but no money.
That would prob be easier on your head not on the wallet, lol

Step 4 What you call self hypnotism is now called
mindfulness & deep meditative relaxation.

I cheat, I listen to audios that tell me what to do with
relaxing music in the background, lol. I love it.

You actually did a combination of deep meditatitive relaxation and
cognitive behavioral therapy.

A 2 for 1! Way to go!

The CBT was the “mantra of something private about myself that I would like to

The key to CBT is REPETITION! I personally am still
working on that part, lol

"Our thinking is very changeable. If you worked on changing
your thinking everyday by reading, listening to the audio exercises, and completing a cognitive diary you
will find your thinking changing even within a few weeks." Monica A. Frank, Ph.D. from

You can’t beat being
able to improve/change yourself for the better!

There are also a lot of health benefits to mindfulness
& deep relaxation, here are some links for info.



1) Reduction in Stress and Anxiety.

2) Reduces Depression and Substance Abuse.

3) Reduces Symptoms of Various Physical Illnesses.

4) Improves Cognitive Performance.

5) Reduces Pain Sensitivity.

6) Slows Cellular Aging? Maybe

You don’t have to go to a gym, or see a therapist or dr
for the deep relaxation.

croftsjoey2 months ago
Very interesting read. Though "hippies" have nothing to do with aroma therapy. Nor binaural beats. I believe you understand now that you have tried them, but everything "hippie" related was once a great breakthrough in the scientific community. Especially lysergic acid (and more importantly DMT, though im unsure of its discovery) LSD (less harmful to the body and mind than citric acid) is excellent for the expansion of conciousness. I could ramble for days about hippies, but "they", myself included i suppose, understand NOTHING really matters other than unity among the people, following your bliss, and loving yourself.
I may have gone off topic a bit. Im tired
cbessette12 months ago

I read in a biography of Thomas Edison that he would take mini naps in his lab by sitting on a bench holding a spoon. He would close his eyes, and when he lost consciousness later, the spoon would fall, waking him up.

Yes that is true but it wasn't because of the same topic, it was because he was a workaholic, he felt he only needed very little sleep, once the object he was holding fell he would then go back to working
Exocetid2 months ago

I have to agree with teslaberry, you strayed off your Instructable by using clary sage. If you want to do this right, go get a refillable e-sig and vape it. Mind blowing and quite legal. I recommend the brand by Lafayette Organics.

gainsun2 months ago

You have fast for longer than 24 hrs to be able to mark any changes. Recently I did a 3 day fast and the main takeaway was an improvement of the 5 senses- particularly eye sight. The eyes are the fastest healing organ in the body and since the body does not need to expend energy in processing food and waste during a fast it can free up more resources and energy to perceive the immediate reality in finer detail. Colors where much more vibrant- almost like I could sense them vibrating. While out on a nature hike I instinctively was relaxing my vision while trying to shut down delineating construct of the mind. The problem is that people are under the illusion that they are their minds. That , that alone is the totality of their awareness/existance. This has been scientifically been proven to be false for thousands of years. I will leave you with this thought: You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Free your mind and come to your senses....

There is an non- local experience of reality that doesn't even involve what the author (although useful to an extent) has presented here. Check out the science of Kriya Yoga if you want to go up the ladder of broader awareness- the world need it.

But expending energy by eating doesn't make all that much sense because you gain way more energy than you spend when you eat as long as you don't over eat
Blaise_Gauba2 months ago

The candle staring meditation I have done for years...while sitting in front of a large mirror but not staring at the candle...but instead staring at the point of my third eye between and just above my eyes just above the brow line. I have seen my face warp into hundreds of other faces. Quite interesting indeed.

Also, I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for close to thirty years, and you actually described it more closely in the experience you had sinking into the chair or couch where you were sitting and meditating. My experience goes from where I start my meditation where once I actually start to [not] feel anything, while first doing about five to ten minutes of long, deep verbal ohms...and then transition that out when I start to literally see grayness in my third visions of eyes are closed...but my third eye is now becoming very open...thus the vision of grayness...then that grayness starts to morph into visions of various types depending on what my focus was intended to be before I started the meditation initially.

Then as I ask my Spirit Guides to manifest within me, to guide guide my vision or visions if need be...(sometimes I don't want them to control anything...and sometimes I depends again on what my goals are for each meditation)...and then what usually happens is I start to feel first like I am becoming extremely heavy...and I feel like I am sinking incredibly deep into the couch or chair where I am sitting...then that feeling reverses and I start to feel euphoric as I feel my entire being expand so broadly and feel like I am expanding larger and larger and larger to the point where I come to realize that I am not a physical being at all...but instead realize that I am much greater than that...and I am filled with unconditional love, understanding and compassion for everyone and everything.

It sounds weird...but it has nothing to do with anything "hippie dippie" at all. It might be that there are those out there in the past who were trying to alter their consciousness during the Counter Revolution in the 1960's and throughout the 1970's and I recall some of it...although I was a child at that time, I was drawn to meditation at an early age. I got interested in meditation when I was about twelve and a half years old. I am sure my mother thought that I was off my rocker...but she never belittled me for it.

I really like that someone decided to put something as unique as meditation and mind altering consciousness as an instructable here on I think you did an excellent job because you approached it like a scientist would to some extent. It was thorough and thought provoking...and I am sure that there will be people out there who will be able to apply your instructable to their own consciousness expanding experiments and techniques. Very good job!

What you described about starting into the mirror, i guess could be a form of meditation, but it's called skrying, it's closer in relation to looking into a crystal ball for fortune telling
windshadow2 months ago

Thought you might be interested in this one.

william borroughs' waking lucid dream machine.

Istarian2 months ago

#9 -- I recall being told once that the reason for the persistent color rings you describe has something to do with overloading the neurons somehow in such a way that they continue firing despite removal of the sensory input.

koreg3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)

Actually, I have been meditating with a lit candle in pitch black darkness several times a week for over thirty years...I am typing this with my eyes working at full capacity. My most recent eye exam was 20/20 and I am fifty two years old. My retinas are in excellent condition. One candle strength of light (a candle) will not fry your retinas. Just letting you know.

authorities on consciousness state that there are 4 basic types of consciousness available to humans. 1. awake 2. asleep. 3 dreaming and 4 superconsciousness

you have to realize that consciousness leads your life force and that the life force has inward and outward movements corresponding to wake, dream and deep sleep, however it is possible to merge all states and "transcend" your senses and body identification. Good luck and dont stop trying, peace, we are all on the same journey of discovering our Self.

Tnfutia2 months ago
Me and my girlfriend 15 and 16 on New Years I stayed the night at her house and only me and her were awake and making out felt like I was high and neither of us even realized we made out for 2 hours non-stop
Gr8Scotto Tnfutia2 months ago

If neither of you realized you made out for 2 hours, then how do you now know it was for 2 hours?? Was someone in the next room timing you?

Tnfutia Gr8Scotto2 months ago
No we started at 4 am and stopped at 6
abrown392 months ago

Very interesting instructable, the thing I am most familiar with is sleep deprivation I usually sleep one day for 4-6 hours and regardless of what I do during the day nothing/grueling physical work I cant sleep the next night, so im almost on a 40 hour day, one day isnt enough to really mess with you that much, but like anything you can adapt to it, I assume if you have a 16 hour awake 8 hour asleep schedule skipping sleep one night will certainly effect you alot more than someone with an irregular sleep schedule.

72 hours is when you really start to lose cognitive ability and coordination, 96 hours with no sleep leaves you delirious like you are high as hell, Its comparable to being incredibly stoned, you have very diminished capacity to do anything, you cant concentrate, even completing simple tasks is almost impossible, your inhibitions are gone, if you want to say something you probably will, obviously thats why sleep deprivation is used as an interrogation technique.

I dont recommend going 96 hours without sleep, for one its not pleasant getting there and unless you are going to be locked in your house and not go anywhere going into public could be dangerous. you may end up in a padded room somewhere or walk into traffic.

abrown392 months ago

screw the sensory deprivation tank, ever since I read a book where someone was thrown into a tank like that for weeks as a interrogation/torture technique those things scare the crap out of me

Mikel992 months ago

not my experience with fasting....after 5 days of water only it was so blissful I did not want to end the fast. I only did so to get back to things I had to do.

Problems often occur while fasting without drinking water.

yes like death:-0 that's a biggie

Zoasterboy3 years ago
Sometimes I trip out, when I ave a high fever!
I just had one two days ago, and decided to make the most of it, so I quite enjoyed having very vivid daydreams, quite fun actually :)
Problem is, it's difficult to induce, but if you are already there, have fun!
ddaigle1 SABBaS3 years ago
Ive had a few very intense experiences. All were not influenced by any drugs.

I dont really talk about this too much due to the fact that I dont know anyone but only heard of experiences maybe similar. But I feel it is fitting here.

At the age of 15 I was hanging out with my sister and my best friend, not really doing anything just talking about school ect... I was sitting on a chair and I started noticing that it felt like I was sort of on an elevator going down. I have never really had any experiences like this, so I didnt really understand what was going on.

After a questionable amount of time I felt like I was going down Very very deep, but also "time" was getting older. Now I knew this was certainly something special. I then was asking very unique question about ...I dont remember" and they were instantly answered. And every time they were, I felt heavy "awe". I could probably write a book about this one experience, but to keep it short...

After some time I kept feeling like I was going down, and all of these questions were answered I became in state of heavy "awe" , and time! it felt "ancient" very personal and again ancient. Like the beginning. I kept saying to my self "IT IS, IT JUST IS!", and it meant so much and soo deeply to me. Soon after I felt like I passed through and reached a "nothing point" , "totally black" and I noticed a "graph" almost running vertically, and it represented time. Not like the time we know it as but more like "moments". And I realized that I had left this array of infinite amount of moments. Now this is where it really gets big...

I noticed the presence of an ancient ancient man drawing near, then I eventually saw him, he was sitting in a chair coming closer. I then realized I was that ancient man, and then I bursted out crying of happiness, love and peace. I was "again" enlightened.

and Believe it or not immediately after,

I remembered who I was before I was born, I remembered who I was after I died. I remembered being "there" what seemed seconds "ago". and I remember what it was all about. I had "left" the world plain, the manifestation of David D. and remembered that everything was an allusion created by " I ". Everything! Billions of moments, all unique, all distinct, and everything and everyone in them are just manifestations of " I ".

After a while I felt I was coming back into this realm, this illusion, and I remember saying to myself. "There is no way I will every remember all of this, and really understand it again" for I am now the manifestation of I.

That was 11 years ago, and I still think about it at least once a week. I have tried explaining it to people, tried finding other people with the same experience but am still unable to. I realize with an experience like this, you can't ask for it, you can't consciously get there. It certainly is a paradox. You kind gotta slip in "out" of it, but not by choice.

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