10 Cent Cellphone Stand for Your Desk


Introduction: 10 Cent Cellphone Stand for Your Desk

Coming up with some different models, but here is the most basic one you can make from the stuff at your desk.

Materials list
1. Binder Clip
2. Post It Notes or other paper
3. Scotch Tape, or Duct Tape--- duct tape is better but any will work.
4. Scissors
For adding on a tripod, drill a hole in the bottom center as shown at the end..

step 1. Fold post it into 1/4" until entire post it note is folded
step 2. Wrap it with tape
step 3. Cut to size of the binder clip or a bit larger.
step 4. fasten to inside of binder clip and wrap tape over outside of clip, cutting slit in tape so spring arms can move. (this is to prevent scratching your screen
step 5. do both insides of binder.
step 6. Attach to cellphone on side, and use the arms to adjust the angle of the phone.



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