Picture of $10 iPhone 3g and 3gs LED flash upgrade hack
I love my iphone 3gs. it does just about everything i want it to do. For me, the main difference between the 3gs and 4 or 4s is a big price tag. However, i really do like the LED flash. And since i am often finding myself in need of a flashlight, i love the idea of having a flashlight with you at all times without carrying a separate device.

I have seen may nice products that plug into the dock port and uses the iphone power as a flash. The only problem i see with this is that you have to carry another device with you. You might as well just carry a flashlight round all the time.

I fix iphones for a living, and i know how much room is inside of a 3g or a 3gs. (this hack would be almost impossible with a 4 or a 4s considering how little free space there is.

I will show you how to add three low profile leds to the back of your iphone 3g or 3gs and have it powered by the internal battery. 
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Step 1: Tools and Parts needed

Picture of Tools and Parts needed
here is what you need:

parts and supplies:

--3 low profile leds from radio shack part # 276-0024  they are $2.49 each
--a micro switch, since i do iphone repairs, i used an extra mute switch i had from a previous repair. I would recommend you buy one of these since they use a thin ribbon cable that will make the hack turn out better. just search ebay for "3gs replacement headphone jack". This will cost you $2.81
--Very thin wire. i found some at radio shack for 5 bucks part # 278-502
--electrical tape
--soldering flux
--Super glue

--Soldering iron
--Micro screwdriver
--paperclip that you can heat-up to melt a hole. (you will also need it to remove the sim from your phone)
--A lighter

(optional tools that help)
--helping hand (the thing with the magnifying glass and clips)
--Apple "black stick" used to open iphone
--miltimeter to test direction of led and battery
zack2473 years ago
now that is pretty cool, i might do this to my phone!
mind you, its not a iphone, but this could easily be adapted
marzban123 (author)  zack2473 years ago
absolutly it can be done as long as the phone has a little free space. newer phone that are so compact probably wont have any room to work with. send me a picture if you ever get around to doing yours!