10 knex ibles! what next?

Picture of 10 knex ibles!  what next?
AR-4 commando 001.JPG
pistol 001.JPG
sniper 001.JPG
I have finally done 10 knex ibles. I have drastically improved since I first started knexing less than a year ago. These are the ibles Ive done:

  • SPEC-9
  • AR-4 v1
  • Longbow v1
  • Jackal v1
  • AR-4 v2
  • RX-bow
  • Longbow v2
  • SR Commando
  • Jackal v2
  • AR-4 v3

What next? I have 1 developed shotgun idea, supposed to automatically eject shells and also be break action, a not so developed pistol idea, and an undeveloped ball machine idea. I will probably develop more ideas later on, I will build other people's guns as soon as I run out of ideas.
bounty10124 years ago
try and build a full auto knex gun that looks like a real gun like a full auto ak-47.
Holy c**** dees is orsum man LOL
What the hell?
I'll try and do that.
Could you try making a full auto Fa-mas? Its one of my favorite guns.
Well the ak faild miserably but i might.
dansdoc3 years ago
you are awesome lol
Hiyadudez4 years ago
Can I ask how you get the grey boxes with writing in at the bottom of your slideshow pictures?
rururupert4 years ago
build a pump action assualt rifle-there is a shortage of guns with pumps-its alot easier than cocking-but i suppose alot harder to build or you could try to make a turret gun like the br36, or knexsayer-there are a shortage of those too- but you dont have to build a gun-i mean you could build something else like a.....ummm...i dunno... but there must be something u could build unasscocciated with war-i mean look at viccieB's bear trap for example, or iamcanadians safe
DJ Radio (author)  rururupert4 years ago
I actually have plans for a pump action gun. I dont feel like a turret is necessary from me at this point. I only play with knex to make guns. The knex tank was for a contest and wasnt actually planned. I like model guns since I cant have a real one.
looking forward to that pump action
DJ Radio (author)  rururupert4 years ago
its not coming for a while. I just thought of a concept and I have to give it a few months to develop in my head.
cool-looking forward to see what you come up with
Mace!4 years ago
What would you say your best overall knex gun is? Just curios cuz wondering which one to build.
AR-4 v3 I think.
Cool, thanks.
J Moneyman4 years ago
do u find sears easier?
DJ Radio (author)  J Moneyman4 years ago
sort of.
i've noticed they shoot way farther than any other system i've built.
DJ Radio (author)  J Moneyman4 years ago
nope, my AR-4 v3 gets better range than the SR Commando, but only a 5 foot difference.
hmm. i've gotta build that
DJ Radio (author)  J Moneyman4 years ago
PS- love your KI avatar pic!
thanks. lol :)
Fresh944 years ago
This slideshow is absolutely useless. This could have been in a forum. What does this accomplish besides personal self esteem boost? Nothing. Why would you post this? To make it clearly stated that you have 10 "ibles?" I'm sure if your guns were good enough you wouldn't need to post this waste of space.
His guns are all better than what you could dream of building. Don't dis, he's a knexpert.
I think you added a p, and a t to knexer
DJ Radio (author)  The Jamalam4 years ago
the "knexpert" title is worth less and less by the day. just like the US economy
Finally, someones getting the point :-D
DJ Radio (author)  I_am_Canadian4 years ago
Clapclapclap. Damn. I feel guilty for laughing.
DJ Radio (author)  Fresh944 years ago
Your comment is absolutely useless. If you dont like these kinds of slideshows so much that you feel like posting a comment about it, you should just post it on the other slideshows that are similar to this one. Go find something better to do than to just give me flak when other people have done it too.
Build something non-gunny!
DJ Radio (author)  I_am_Canadian4 years ago
Like I said, I had a ball machine idea, but its not really developed.
Go for it, doesn't have to be a ball machine.

I'd love to see a knex mouse trap...
(removed by author or community request)
DJ Radio (author)  I_am_Canadian4 years ago
Viccie's knex bear trap is good enough.
Can it catch mice though :-0
DJ Radio (author)  I_am_Canadian4 years ago
I think it can...

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