I was thinking of my friend Andy when I modded a Playmates Classic Star Trek Phaser. It was surprisingly quick and easy to do. I wanted something that showed up a little better and was not as dangerous as the Blu-Ray laser phaser mod (not that the Blu-Ray mod isn't very cool).

Step 1: Parts list

You will need:

1. A classic Star Trek phaser - around$25 on eBay.
2. A BlinkM smart LED - made by ThinkM and available from many sources. I got mine from the Maker Shed Store for $12.95
3. An Arduino controller if you do not have one to program the BlinkM. I got the Arduino Diecimila from the Maker Shed Store for $40.

Additional items:

A 2-pin wire connector with leads, like you would find on a PC fan power lead.
Hot glue gun
Soldering Iron
Rosin-core solder
Shrink tubing or electrical tape

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