Introduction: 15 Minute D.I.Y. 4 Different Duct Tape Mini Notebook/mini Quote Art Journal

Duct tape crafts are very easy to make.they are easy and time friendly.Today I have created 4 different mini notebook.Notebooks are useful for our daily life.My exams are coming and I need some of them for motivation and for revision.I hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

Step 1: 1.Gather Your Materials- 1.Duct Tapes of Different Colours 2.Papers 3.sewing Thread 4.covering Papers You Like 5.scissor 6.buttons(optional)

you can add additional things like colorful ribbons,buttons etc for more fun!

Step 2: 2.Start With Placing the Papers and Covering Paper Together and Sew Them Tightly.

Step 3: 3.For Easy Crafting,you Can Staple Them.

Step 4: 4.Covering the Staple Site by Duct Tape

Now,cover the staple site by tapes effectively.

Step 5: 5.Your Mini Notebook Is Ready!

Step 6: 6.Now for the Second Mini Notebook,You Have to Cut Papers in Square Size.

Put any kind of wrapping paper on it and staple at one,I used hard organization paper.

Step 7: 7.use Duct Tape and Second Notebook Is Ready!

here,I have accessorized it with white ribbon to give a cute fashionable look!

Step 8: 8.I Used Button to Give the First Notebook a Different Makeover.

here,I have shown how to sew button,then use duct tape to fix the thread and finally make a loop for fixing button...

Step 9: 9.Now Make the Third Notebook With Multiple Colourful Pages and Using Duct Tape of 2 Different Color

Step 10: 10.Make the 4th Notebook Like the 2nd One.

here I used wrapping paper.

Step 11: Final Products Are These Cute 4 Different Mini Notebooks!


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