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I have a running joke with my friend that we give each other either hats, gloves or socks for Christmas... but not "nice ones" something for only a couple of bucks.. Last year my sister made a Wine bottle holder out of a traditional "Work Sock" and has sewn eyes, nose and Antlers on it...

For my friend I wanted the socks to be usable so no cutting or sewing...
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Step 1: The Socks

Picture of The Socks
I picked up a pair of traditional "Sock Monkey" knitted work socks at a discount store. I used one sock to stuff the "Nose" and the other to cover the bottle. A couple of pipe cleaners would be the antlers, eyes & mouth. A red pom-pom would be the nose. For the bottle I chose a refillable glass water bottle (a great eco gift! - http://www.tapwater-bottle.com).

Roll up the one sock starting from each end as shown in the picture. Insert this into the other sock and pull the sock over the bottle.

Step 2: Decorate...

Picture of Decorate...
Position the Rolled up sock so that it is in the "Nose" area of the sock. Roll the botttom of the sock over to create a "collar" at the base of the bottle. Take the "toe" of the sock and pull it over the head and fold it up and over to create a "hat" for the sock reindeer. With a pin attach the red pom-pom to the nose.

Take two pipe cleaners and shape two antlers. Stick these into the brim of the "hat". Taking a 3 inch peice of pipe cleaner make a circle at each end. insert these under the brim of the hat to hold them in place. Take another section and shape a mouth. Use the pinned nose to hold the mouth in place.
dallen331 year ago
Very awesome. Love the thinking outside the box! Kudos
great idea! Will have to try :)
longwinters2 years ago
My goodness those things scare me!!!
Kidding, I saw the picture and just loved it,
thank's for posting.
Very clever! I knit socks, and this will be a great way to present a nice pair of handknit boot socks as a doubly-special gift :)
vanweb (author)  piperskeeper2 years ago
yes, that would be great! I miss hand-made socks in winter...