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I have a running joke with my friend that we give each other either hats, gloves or socks for Christmas... but not "nice ones" something for only a couple of bucks.. Last year my sister made a Wine bottle holder out of a traditional "Work Sock" and has sewn eyes, nose and Antlers on it...

For my friend I wanted the socks to be usable so no cutting or sewing...

Step 1: The Socks

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I picked up a pair of traditional "Sock Monkey" knitted work socks at a discount store. I used one sock to stuff the "Nose" and the other to cover the bottle. A couple of pipe cleaners would be the antlers, eyes & mouth. A red pom-pom would be the nose. For the bottle I chose a refillable glass water bottle (a great eco gift! - http://www.tapwater-bottle.com).

Roll up the one sock starting from each end as shown in the picture. Insert this into the other sock and pull the sock over the bottle.

dallen331 year ago
Very awesome. Love the thinking outside the box! Kudos
great idea! Will have to try :)
longwinters2 years ago
My goodness those things scare me!!!
Kidding, I saw the picture and just loved it,
thank's for posting.
Very clever! I knit socks, and this will be a great way to present a nice pair of handknit boot socks as a doubly-special gift :)
vanweb (author)  piperskeeper2 years ago
yes, that would be great! I miss hand-made socks in winter...