Picture of 10 minutes Table Lamp - easy and cheap
10 minutes..
it is all the time you need to make this Lampe.


Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
  1. a 40 w bulb
  2. cable
  3. lamp socket
  4. a can

- drill
- screwdriver
GildaT4 years ago
It is really great! Thanks!
Plan B4 years ago
Do not need a ground !
Great Job.
leendertbob4 years ago
The lamp looks nice and inventive.
Please (extra) insulate the wire where it passes into the can.
Electricity and safety go hand in hand.

mary candy (author)  leendertbob4 years ago
take a look on 3, pic of 2. step.
You can see , the wire has no contact to the can.
The lamp is pretty safe.
leendertbob4 years ago
Ground it! You have made holes enough.
Don't get yourself eletrified.
mary candy (author)  leendertbob4 years ago
I'm girl but I understand what I'm making :D
mary candy (author)  leendertbob4 years ago
hasha20004 years ago
I like it, I even made one years ago before I even knew about instructables.com, but I used different colored lighting gels to cover the holes from the inside.
M.C. Langer4 years ago
I love it!!!!