Step 3: Creating the ball shape

Now things start to get complicated because you need to bring the strips up off the table to make a 3-D ball.  The easiest way to do that is by using paperclips to secure each of the joints between the hexagons and hold everything in place.  Ease the structure into a bowl shape and keep weaving the strips, taking care that they go under and over each other alternately.  Move the paperclips as you work around the surface of the ball that you are creating to hold each newly created junction of strips in position while you work on the next one.  Every time you create a pentagon, it should be surrounded by 5 hexagons.  From time to time, follow each strip from end to end to ensure that it weaves in and out of the ball and doesn’t go under (or over) two adjacent strips.  Correct any errors before proceeding, it’s really annoying if you get to the end and find a mistake.  And the ball will not be as strong as it ought to be, because it gains its rigidity from the fact that several strips are held together quite firmly at each woven junction.