Step 4: Finishing off

Picture of Finishing off
coloured ball.JPG
After a while you will find that the ball starts to close up.  You may need to pull each strip in turn from both ends to give you enough slack to keep going.  When you find that both ends of the same strip have come together, tuck one inside the other and secure it with a small piece of masking tape on the outside or it will likely come apart again as you keep working.  When you’ve finished, you can if you like replace the tape with pieces on the inside where they won’t be so obvious, or a drop of glue.  Don’t be tempted to join any ends permanently until the ball is completely finished and you have checked each of the 10 strips all the way round the circumference of the ball to ensure that the weave is correct. 

A final refinement is to slide each strip around to hide its joint under another strip.

Now you know how to weave these balls, have a go with different materials like rattan, the paper ribbon that is sold for wrapping presents, cable ties, the tough pastic binding strip that comes round parcels or birch bark.