Picture of 10 things to do with old rope
Today, I will be showing you ten things to do when you have old or overused rope.
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Step 1: 1 Hanging a swing

Use old rope for hanging tree swings or any other kind of swing.

Step 2: 2 Monkeys fist

Picture of 2 Monkeys fist

You can tie a "Monkeys fist" knot as seen in the picture below. If you want to tie this there are many places on the internet you can find instructions for it.

Step 3: 3 Knots

Picture of 3 Knots

You can also practice tying knots with old rope, below are a few knots for example

Step 4: 4 Leash/Collar

Picture of 4 Leash/Collar

Another way to reuse rope, if you have a pet, is to make a collar/leash combo.

Step 5: 5 Necklace/bracelet

You can also make a bracelet or necklace by burning the two ends of the rope together.

Step 6: 6 Rug

Picture of 6 Rug

A rug is very easy to make with old rope, you just need to burn the rope together on both ends and places in the middle.

Step 7: 7 Coaster

Picture of 7 Coaster
Just like a rope, a coaster is very easy make with rope using the same method as

Step 8: 8 Dog toy

Tying various knots in the rope makes it a sort of dog toy. The monkeys fist knot can also be a good dog, and even cat, toy.

Step 9: 9 Tug of war

Using an old rope as a tug of war rope is another way to reuse old rope.

Step 10: 10 Skitching

If you are not familiar, skitching is when you or another person are on a skateboard, skates, etc... and are holding a rope and being pulled by something such as a bike, car, motorcycle, etc...

It is really fun :) Thanks for reading!
What do you mean "burn the rope together''.
dchall83 years ago
I never knew there was such a thing as "old rope" until I started sailing. Now I have miles of it.