Today, I will be showing you ten things to do when you have old or overused rope.

Step 1: 1 Hanging a swing

Use old rope for hanging tree swings or any other kind of swing.
What do you mean "burn the rope together''.
<p>Hi A L.<br><br>Most ropes are made of polypropylene, the same plastic that is found in plastic drinks bottles, fleece jackets etc. If you heat the end of two polyprop ropes with a flame, they burn, and melt. These ends can be pushed together and the flame blown out creating a &quot;welded&quot; join.</p><p>Finishing a single rope or cord end this way can be made much neater by pressing the flat of a knife against the molten end so it solidifies flat.</p><p>WARNING! Be extremely careful, the molten polyprop drips burning particles and continues burning. Keep your body parts and clothes well away from that (don't do it over your lap, for instance). Also the gas given off from this is noxious. Well ventilated areas only please.<br><br>Stay safe ;)</p>
I never knew there was such a thing as &quot;old rope&quot; until I started sailing. Now I have miles of it.

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