Step 7: Finally Done ^_^

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okay just stay together all parts !!!

this amplifier use two way power :
1. 9volt connection for 9volt baterry ( low Quality Output )
2. Power Jack for 12 volt - 18 volt input ( for better Quality Output )

OK , hopefully this can inspire you 

Thank You

xwilkening2 years ago
ok, so you said a 12 volt would make this sound better. it sounds interesting but I would need some help, for the power, do you think I could just use a DC wall wart? or would it have to be AC? (sorry if this is confusing, im kind of new to electronics, i've only been working with them for about a year now) and this project seems like a great idea since I love working with speakers and I always get lots of request to build some for people! (i've gotten a request for a mini ipod speaker for $20!)
dihnen3 years ago
I appreciate your modularity, use of standard connectors, power, simplicity, and portability. That is really quite an excellent build.
Ghild.Zero (author)  dihnen3 years ago
Thx ^_^
ag6219943 years ago
i have a... maybe stupd question... is it posible to put 2 or more of those in a row?
Ghild.Zero (author)  ag6219943 years ago
I suggest you to build a stereo amplifier , it is more efective and efesien