Introduction: 10 Year Led Flasher (Version 2 With Boost Converter)

This LED flasher will blink for 10 years on a single 1.5v AA cell. My previous circuit used a blocking oscillator to generate the Vdd voltage for IC1. This circuit relies on a BOOST CONVERTER configuration (inductor-diode-capacitor) . Output voltage is high enough to drive at least 5 leds series-connected.

Step 1: 10 Year LED Flasher (V.2) at Work

Picture of 10 Year LED Flasher (V.2) at Work

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Astable (flash Rate)

Picture of Astable (flash Rate)

Step 4: Monostable (pulse Width)

Picture of Monostable (pulse Width)

Step 5: Transformer

Picture of Transformer

Step 6: Boost Converter

Picture of Boost Converter

Step 7: T1 Secondary

Picture of T1 Secondary

Step 8: Start-up

Picture of Start-up

Step 9: Managing Energy

Picture of Managing Energy

Step 10: Current Drain

Picture of Current Drain

Step 11: For More Details and Waveforms, Watch Video

Step 12:


Kiểm toánP (author)2017-11-20

Nice work, c3 i use 10uf25v ok :D

DUYKT (author)2016-11-07


How to green led high bright more than??? what i should change value resistor?

DUYKT (author)2016-11-04

my circuit is done but led no flash, when i connect jumper then led flash one and end? please help me

simpletronic (author)DUYKT2016-11-04

post an image of your circuit. See if I can help.

DUYKT (author)simpletronic2016-11-05

Hi, transformer 12V to (black) connect to???

simpletronic (author)DUYKT2016-11-06

one of the blacks to battery (+) the other to transistor Collector + diode anode +jumper. The yellow (center tap) is not used.

DUYKT (author)simpletronic2016-11-04

Please fix, thanks :D

DUYKT (author)2016-11-03

in video, i see you use 4 capacitors, in circuit diagram: 3 capacitors???

simpletronic (author)DUYKT2016-11-04

the 4th cap is for decoupling but is not mandatory. (not necessary)

DUYKT (author)2016-10-08

Hi! Can i change transistor BC337 by 2N4401? I don't understand the transformer work by method and create transformer???

Sorry i noob english.

simpletronic (author)DUYKT2016-11-04


4401 is perfect

DeanH25 made it! (author)2016-06-12

Thanks for the great starter. I used it with slight modifications to create some free form electrical sculpture.

I replaced the transistor with a mosfet TN0702N3-G Description MOSFET N-CH 20V 530MA TO92-3 because I have bad luck with transistors and I hoped to reduce the current a little more. In the circuit R2 became 10K and R3 became 0 ohms (shorted). One less component to build in. Since the mosfet is a voltage controlled device and not a current we don't need to limit the current. You might be able to see all the components in the first 2 pictures that show the free form assembly method. All the components except the transformer, battery, switch and LEDs on the secondary are soldered around the chip.

My transformer was hand made. I started with PN B64290L632X35 Description FERRITE CORE TOROID 5UH T35 and wound about 5 feet of primary and 25 feet of secondary onto it. This was done by making 3 loops 5 feet long, twisting the three loops together to form 1 strand and then wrapping the toroid. Then the ends of the loops were cut. This creates 6 wires wrapped around the toroid. 1 was used as the primary while the other 5 were soldered together to make the secondary. You can see a picture of the bare toroid. In another picture the finished transformer forms the hair / hat on the art. The flashing leds form the eyes. An unused resistor forms the mouth.

Thanks again for having the basic tested circuit online.

simpletronic (author)DeanH252016-06-23

Nice work !! Thank you ! ---|>|---

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